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Hello to all my Ex Community family,

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend☺ well to night at midnight I will be on my 22 day smoke free☺January 22 is a special day for me because first of all it would have been my sweet grandma's 104 birthday if she was still alive rest in peace grandma happy heavenly birthday and also January 22 is my brother's birthday them two are the first people in my family to start the birthday's off...what a great way to celebrate tomorrow by celebrating my brother's life wishing him a happy birthday celebrating with him 4 yrs smoke free for him and 22 days smoke free for me...I thank God Above for giving me the strength to follow through with this journey my family and friends who are a great support for me and will hold me accountable if I slip...and also i would like to thank all of you my Ex Community family you are a huge part of my success and seriously i could not do this with out you there is a another little up date on how am day at a time I send you all good vibes and hugs...keep pressing on.


Hello my EX Community Family.Happy Sunday everyone...Today with the help of my awesome God above and all of you amazing people on this site this is my 14 day smoke free☺still taking things a day at a time I have my good days and bad days and still fighting the mind set of a smoker but riding out every urge and cravings as it comes...this week I was pretty much home bound I caught that awful cold that has been going around and pretty much kicked my butt this past week but i am at the tail end of it now and feeling much better...i have been reading a lot of books lately and word searches and cross word puzzles are becoming my new friend especially when I can't sleep or get anxious at 3:00 A.M. they come in handy...well that another little up date on how i am doing i hope everyone is doing well and working there program to stay healthy and smoke free I send everyone positive energy good vibes and hugs keep pressing on


I am doing ok hanging in there today is my sixth day smoke free the first 48 hours after were pretty tuff but i am sticking to my guns and not lighting up.I have did my research before this journey of mine began about using any quit smoking aids like the patch or medication like chantix because i have used them before and felt that they were not much help so i decided this time not to use them but i have stocked up on a few other things that i felt would be useful to me to help me stay quit like hard candy regular chewing gum fruits and vegetable sticks like carrots and celery i have also bought a couple of things to keep me busy like word searches cross word puzzles books to read and a note book to write my thoughts and feelings down so one of my biggest triggers is after i eat a meal so now right after i eat i pull out the word searchs and cross word puzzles and work on them for a that is a little up date on my progress thank you my fellow EXers for listening to me i send everyone good positive energy good vibes and hugs....six days of freedom☺