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Posted by pir8fan Dec 31, 2018

In just a few hours I will have 9 Years of Smoke Free living behind me! I owe a deep deep debt of gratitude to BecomeAnEx and so many wonderful people here! Some who are still here today, and some who are long gone from the site and some who are gone from life all together! Some who continue to live Smoke Free lives, and some who fell back into the jaws of this terrible addiction! All of you have helped keep me Free! 


For many years I contributed almost daily, and often many times a day! There are people who credit me with helping them quit and stay quit. That is one of the things in my life Of which I am most proud! Lately, I have not been here much! There is no logical explanation for that! Perhaps there are emotional reasons! And, so often in our lives emotions are the arch enemy of logic!


I would like to be able to tell you all that I will back with my brand of support more in 2019! I can tell you that I will make a conscious effort to do that! But, I can’t  guarantee the logic will win out! What I can guarantee is that I care about the people here! I care about your quits, and will do my best to help any of you anytime! Even if you don’t know me, or remember me well, if you reach out I will answer! 


Again, Thank you to all of you who have shared the “Collateral Kindness” at this wonderful place! You own a piece of my quit! And, many of you own a piece of my heart!


In the coming year I offer to each of you my favorite toast! Here is to Health, Wealth, and Happiness, and Time to enjoy all three! If you can think of anything that does not cover, let me know!


HAPPY NEW YEAR.         Tommy

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