Derby Part II

Blog Post created by pir8fan on May 7, 2018

It was very interesting to read all the comments and information about the mistreatment of the Horses! I did not follow any of the links to watch the abuses of training! I don't need that stuff stuck in my head! But it did not surprise me, and it set off a long and winding train of thought!


It seems to be in our nature, human nature to train animals and ourselves! Let's look for a moment at our women! The built up shoes they use to train the Tennessee Walking Horses made me think of the high heels and tight toes of the shoes that our women wear to change their gait and appearance! And speaking of appearance, How many billions of dollars are spent every year on painful procedures that have no purpose beyond enhanced appearance! Then of course there are clothes and make-up! How many chemicals in make up? Any of them harmful? Clothes! Are any of them uncomfortable or even painful! Do you ever take anything off and see marks that the item left on your body! And you Ladies are not alone! Many men are trained to torture themselves as well with excessive work outs, and muscle building! They also spend billion on surgeries and clothing (and some even spend on make-up) and fast cars in the name of......dare I say Vanity? Who trained us to do that? Fueling the fires of this training are the multimillion dollar contracts given to the most successful body, face, and even hand models! The moderately successful will be rewarded with shares of the wealth of those who admire them!


Then there are our children, The TV is full of shows and commercials, and the stores of full of books telling us how to raise our kids! The code word "healthy" means bigger, stronger, and faster! And, we are succeeding in producing that kind of "athlete"! The motivation for doing this to or kids is the same! The annual contracts of the most successful of these athletes dwarfs what most will make in a lifetime!


A lot of us were also trained to smoke! We were taught that it was cool! We were trained to be different, and stand out from the crowd! It was cool to cough and do terrible damage to our bodies? By the time we discovered that to be different meant be outcast, and to stand out from the crowd meant the crowd was pushing us way, way, out, it was too late! We were addicted!


The common thread in all this is to follow the money! The horses, models and athletes may have been well paid, but the made a lot more money for their "Trainers"! We smokers made even more for our "Trainers" and all we get is an early grave! And we, or our families have to pay for that!


If you are still contributing to your "Trainers", for the sake of all that is good, STOP IT!  Don't be the South end of a North bound horse!!!!       


Live Free my Friends! Live Smoke Free!                                Tommy