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December repost

Posted by pir8fan Dec 1, 2017

Thanksgiving has passed!

Blog Post created by pir8fan Champion on Nov 23, 2012


The turkey is carved, the sandwiches eaten, and the carcass is turned into soup!

 We met with our kin, toasted all of our friends, and now we return to our group!

 I wish everyone here, a season of cheer, and all the good things that can be!

Thru the holiday season, let's remember the reasons, we all chose to be SMOKE FREE!

Tommy Piver

If you noticed a slight breeze stirring at 4:15 PM E.S.T. today, it was the gates of heaven swinging open to welcome their newest angel. Our Dear Sootie's mother passed away today. Sootie ask me to share this, so no one will be wondering where she went. She is not disappearing. However, understandably, she will not be here for a while.


Please join me as I drop to my knees to ask God to give comfort and peace to Sootie and her family.


Lord, we commend the spirit of Sootie's mom to your loving care. Please watch over our Dear Friend.  AMEN

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