Wanted to be part of the Bonfire!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Jul 2, 2017

I guess I no longer know how to be part of the site! I have so many friends here that I know and love, but everytime I come here I leave frustrated! I came here tonight and tried to contribute to the bonfire! I tried to contribute through two different browsers, but everytime I get to the bonfire and click "Add Comment" I get this white box with a box that says loading! But it never loads!


I wanted to ask you all to send up prayers for our Dear Friend Patticake! I wanted to drop off 109.560 unsmoked cigarettes! I wanted someone to give me a frozen margarita with EXtra salt (Don't tell Sandy)! I wanted to let everyone know how proud I am of them! I wanted to comment on how great it was to see a member with one day quit attending the event! I wanted to offer encouragement to all who need and appreciate it!


Instead of doing the things that I want to do, and the things I have done at all the July 4th bonfires, tonight I leave this blog (assuming I can post it)! If someone can copy it and post it at the fire I will appreciate it! If not, could someone please drop my 109,560 nasty Kool Milds into that roaring inferno! Happy Fourth of July!!


A special Thanks to Shawn, and all who who worked to make this event happen!!


Love to all! Live Free My Friends! Live Smoke Free!!      Tommy