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But, I will not turn my back on all of the friends I have made here! And I will not forget all the good that I have seen forged here! So, if you will all try not to laugh at me, I am going to come stumbling into the new era of BecomeAnEx!


Some of you know that my history with a computer before finding EX, was booking cruises, hotel rooms and airline ticket, and a little e-mail! After finding EX a number of kind people helped me learn enough to get around the site pretty good! This new platform will expose me for the fraud that I am! I know nothing about computers! I don't speak the language, or know the jargon. I am unfamiliar with many basic terms!


What I do know, is that you, the EX community, are all very important to me! The work of this community, to help people find Freedom from the slavery of nicotine, is one of the most important things that I have ever been a part of! It seems almost laughable that six years ago I created "The Freedom Train", and right this minute, I have no clue how to even post it! But, with your indulgence, I will learn!


There is an old story that I once blogged about. It tells of a dying old lady who ask to be buried with her fork in her hand! when ask why, she explained that at church socials and homecomings she had attended in her life, often someone could come by and say "Hold on to your fork!". That always meant that there was still something else coming! Something SPECIAL! So tonight I come to you grasping my fork tightly! For I am confident that the best is yet to come!!


Live free my friends! Live smoke free!      Tommy


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Posted by pir8fan Jan 23, 2017



I have been smoking pretty much all my life. I grew up in North Carolina. Everybody I knew smoked. My uncle was a tobacco farmer. The idea was if you could pay for them you could smoke them. At age 13 I was a pack-a-day smoker. I paid 23 cents a pack for cigarettes. Ocassionally I could buy a carton $1.99.

At age 57 I find myself deprived of my cigarettes. I have been through many physical problems including cancer and heart attack. They did not discourage my smoking. In fact they took away my fear of death. The decission to quit smoking is a purely a financial one. The cost of taxes on cigarettes and smokers insurance rates has forced me to quit. While a case can be made for these taxes and general demonization of smokers being good for me, smoking is not illegal, yet the decision to quit has been forced on me.

Now is the time to quit! It is only going to get worse!! All the non-smokers who have demonized us will see the day when people will come after something they care about. I have lost another freedom, but somebody decided it was good for me!!

I QUIT!! 01/01/2010 For those who do not believe that I can.... Watch This!!!

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I am a 64 years old man! Most of time I act like it! Sometimes I am more like a 21 Year old ......with 43 years of experience!


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i will try to make you feel good including but not limited to flattery!

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