Blog Post created by pir8fan on Sep 15, 2016

Welcome to BecomeanEX! What is your Dream? Freedom?

Why are you here? Odds are you came here with a Dream of being Smoke Free. Maybe you came not knowing if that Dream could even come true. I am here today, with 2,449 Days behind me, to tell you that, this is a Dream that you can make come true! Sure you have your doubts! Everyone does, or did at some point! But look around you! Look no further than the Freedom Train! Look at the blogs from everyday people, just like you! They made their Dream come true by simply refusing to relinquish it! So, hold thightly to your Dream. Fight with whatever it takes to hold on! The Dream of Freedom is worth the fight!

"There is no sadder eulogy than the one you must deliver at the death of your Dreams!"                            Tommy Piver(circa August 2011)