Freedom Train 01/31/16 SPECIAL EDITION!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Jan 31, 2016

Five years ago today the freedom train made it's first run! We went to Michigan and picked up our Dear Sweet Daisy, to celebrate her One Year Milestone! https://excommunity.becomeanex.org/blogs/pir8fan-blog/2011/01/31/daisy-has-one-full-year  Today our Beautiful Flower celebrates 6 Years of Freedom, and the Freedom Train celebrates 5 years of helping you track your milestones! Thank you to all who have punched your tickets, and made the Train an icon of our community for the last 5 years!!       Tommy

Good morning fellow EXer's! The Freedom Train is on the tracks, and prepared to make it's daily run to Freedom from smoking! Everyone is invited to come aboard to celebrate their own personal Freedom, and that of their friends!!


If you are new here, this vehicle provides an area for everyone to gather and celebrate the milestones, and successes of those in our community! There are no tickets! The fuel for this locomotive is love and caring! The rides on this Train are paid for in contributions to the quits of others! The only thing required to ride this Train is a desire to breathe Free! We encourage everyone to join in the celebration! No matter where you are in your quit, today is special, and is cause for celebration! Celebrate with others, and they will celebrate with you! There are no baggage fees! Bring all your "EXtra baggage"! We will help you sort it out!


We encourage you to come aboard today! Shout out your personal milestones, and those of your friends! Show your pride in your quit! Days, 200 Days or 2000 Days! More, if you have them! Let us hear from you, and let us all celebrate our FREEDOM!! Post food and music! IT IS PARTY TIME!!!


This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the Evils tobacco and smoking!!