The Most Important Lesson Of Them All!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Jan 1, 2016

Good evening my friends, and Happy New Year! I come before you tonight with 6 Years of Freedom behind me! And, without hesitation I give the credit for that to you! Short timers and Elders, you have all contributed to my motivation!

Back in June, I wrote a blog that listed 20 things that I had learned in the first 2000 Days! It is a good blog, and I am proud of it! If you were not here, or do not remember it, I will post a link to it at the end of this thought!

A couple of days ago, at the hospital, I had a conversation with a nurse who quit almost two years ago, and she sparked a very important thought process! She said she never liked the commercials with the lady with the hole in her throat! She said that fear did not motivate her! BOOM! My head almost exploded as I twisted those word and said them back to her! My final draft was this!

Motivation born of fear is short lived! Motivation born of love is everlasting!

Every quitter is motivated to quit by something! Some are motivated by fear! It could be fear for their life, or for their health! It could be fear for their families, or fear for their finances! Or fear of (______________) fill in the blank! These quits will be short lived if we can not motivate them with love!

Does that mean we have to love each of these quitters? No! It does not! I have met people here that are pretty much unlovable (at least by me)! But our role here does not change! We are here to help people quit, and stay quit, while we do the same! So, those that we can not love, we must teach to love! And those that we do love, we must also teach to love! We must teach everyone to love themselves! We do not need them to love us! They only need to care enough about themselves to not destroy themselves! We must instill in others the belief that they can do this! Let them know that they have it within them to break the chains of addiction! They have the power to chose! As they recognize this, they will appreciate themselves more! They will begin to see their own selfworth! They will become more confident with each day of thier Freedom! And, they will see every aspect of their lives get better! This love of self is the love that will motivate them to live FREE! Motivation born of love!

You may legitimately ask, "How do you know this?)! I know because the people in this community did it for me! And, I have seen it work many, many times! I encourge you all to continue to teach the self love, that grows into motivation!


Live FREE my friends! Live smoke FREE!!                               Tommy