He's Baaaaaaaacccck!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Dec 31, 2015

Good evening fellow EXer's

I just wanted to take a minute to stop by and let everyone know that I am home from the hospital! Once again your prayers and well wishes have brought me through some tough days!

And, once again, I have been reminded that there are consequences to our actions! We have all made poor choices in our lives, and every cigarette we smoked represents one of those! I want to encourage all who are here to minimize the poor choices! We will all continue to make poor choices, but cigarettes do not have to be one of them! They are a choice that brings devastating consequences!

Should you ever contemplate smoking another cigarette, weigh not only financial cost that day, but consider the physical and financial cost that will surely come down the road! Do you really want to pay that price?

So, before you flick that lighter stop and talk with me. Stop and talk with all of your EX family! Care about yourself at least as much as we care about you!

Happy New Year my friends! Live Free! Live Smoke Free!                      Tommy