Value Added! Thank you Sootie for all you give!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Nov 15, 2015

2144 day ago I quit smoking! 2136 days ago I found this site! I though I had found a bunch of liberal busybodies who were sticking their noses in other peoples business and trying to tell them what to do and how to live their lives!

Boy(or girl) was I wrong! While there were,and always will be, some of those, for the most part I found a bunch of people helping each other! And in spite of my own anger at being "forced" to quit,I could not find anyone to fight with! What I did find was a wealth of information and support that made it posssible for me to maintain my quit! And that added great value to my life!

But there is more to the story! The added value!

I have found many friend here that have made my life soooo very much better! My best friend is Sootie! I don't say that to make light of my other friends here, but Sootie holds a special place of her own with me! Many of you have heard me call Sootie "Aunt Lucy"! That is because she reminds me of my own Aunt Lucy! My dear Aunt Lucy would do anything she could to help anyone! But she did pander to foolishness! She brought the same good common sense, no nonsense attitude to life, that Sootie brings to this site! And if you do not respect that, this might be a time for self reflection! The truth will always be the truth no matter how we paint it! Sootie has a knack for seeing that truth, and making sure it's face is revealed! She does not let us get away with anything! And that includes me! If I am wrong, Sootie will tell me! She may not convince me that I am wrong, but she will make the case for it! And she does it in a way that is not offensive! 

It is a true friend indeed that can disagree with you without being disagreeable! And that is the kind of friend that I have in Sootie!

So today I would like to ask you set aside a couple of minutes of you time to join me in celebrating 6 YEARS of Freedom that our Dear Sootie has enjoyed! Sootie, I am sure that I speak for a multitude when I say THANK YOU for all that you do for us here! And, speaking for myself, THANK YOU for being my best Friend!!