The Slip!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Jul 25, 2015

I keep reading about people slipping! I realize that it is summer and people are outside doing more things! So, when I see a blog about someone slipping, my first thought is "Oh no, I hope they did not hurt themselves"! Then I start reading and find that they really did hurt themselves! They lost their quit! It is not about someone busting their butt! It is about someone lighting a butt! That is different and worse! You see when you slip and fall that can be an accident, or just being careless!

Lighting a cigarette is at best premeditated carelessness! At worst it is a decision that you made! You may be having a weak moment. You may be stressed. But, it is no accident! You do not walk outside slip, and a lit cigarette falls in your mouth...... just as you inhale! Somebody may have given you one, but you are the one who took it!

My whole point here is that no one else makes you smoke! You do it! When you are having a weak moment, or feeling stressed out, do not reach for a smoke, reach for a friend! If you have not noticed, there are people here, at all hours of the day and night, for the simple purpose of helping you escape the slavery that you have been held in!

The first instinct of people who are slipping and about to fall is reach out for support to keep from falling! The same should apply when you lose your balance in your quit! We are here for you! Reach out for our support! You can do this! We will help!!                   Tommy