Ten days ago.....

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Jul 21, 2015

..........she was waiting in the parking lot when I got off work! She and her husband were both friends of mine! They were fighting and she said she needed to talk to a man who was not trying to screw her! So we talked! She had been drinking, so I followed her to make sure she got back to the hotel she was staying in. She did not know that I followed! We texted a lot that night as I remained the quiet voice of reason!

The following night they attended a going away party for a mutual friend! Things seemed to be better!

Last night they fought again! She got into the car, and drove it into a tree! Now, I have a friend who is dead, and a friend that has lost his wife!  Dammit!

If there is one thing that this site has taught me, it is that I can't save everyone! And that is always sad!

This time, it has broken my heart!                    

Please don't give your life to smoking!                                Tommy