That is it! I am leaving!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Jan 9, 2015

For Six Days!! 

A few of you know that I have been in a lot of pain for the last several months! I am unable to work, and eating a steady diet of pain killers! The Dr. who is the greatest hope of releiving my pain has not had time to see me! He is finally getting around to me next Friday! So I have decided that if I have to suffer, I will suffer in luxury!

I am leaving tomorrow on a 5 day cruise! I plan to do absolutely nothing and worry about ...............nothing as well! The ship is going to Jamicia, where I will be driven to a private beach! Food and beverages will be served, and I only have to get up and walk out to the water if I want! And, I do want to do that! Emerse myself in the healing tropical waters! The next day will be Grand Cayman, and I have nothing exciting to do there either! Just relax and heal!

I will be back next Thursday afternoon! While I am gone, please be kind to one another! It is quitting season. There are a lot of new people here! If you are an "Elder", please guide them to the knowledge, and give them the support that they need to obtain the Freedom that we enjoy! If you are one of those new people, listen to those who can educate you about our addiction! Reach out for the support that will see you through the rough spots! Never doubt that you have the seeds of success in you! I look forward to returning to see how your quits have bloomed, and watch you reap the rewards of FREEDOM!      Tommy