Welcome to all the new quitters!!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Jan 3, 2015

It is quitting season! That is the time of the year that we take a good look at ourselves and see the need for change! Recognizing that need is step one! Many make a New Year Resolution! And, unfortunately, most of those go the way of most New Year Resolutions!

So, let's get serious here for a couple of minutes! Most quitters fall into two groups! There is the group that wants to quit, and the group that needs to quit! Which group do you identify most with? Guess what? If you think you are in the want to quit group, you are in the need to quit group also!

Where is the idea of quitting born? There are many birth places! "I am quitting for my health", or "I can't afford to smoke anymore" or the always popular "I am doing it for my family"! First, and foremost, you have to do this for yourself! If someone ask you why you quit, the answer is I am doing this for me! The benefits to your health, your pocketbook and your family are the gravy! The things that you probably have not thought about like improved self esteem, and greater confidence are also great advantages that await you!

So, if all of this sounds good the question remains, "How do I do it?". It is simple! Don't smoke! There is no reason, no EXcuse, or no rationalizing! From this point forward you do not put a cigarette in you mouth! I hear you thinking "Yeah, easy enough for you to say, but what about the addiction thing?" My answer is 72! Yep, 72 hours! The nicotine is out of you system! The withdrawal is over! The physical addiction is broken! Three days of discomfort for a lifetime of Freedom! That, my friend is a damn good deal! "But what about the cravings?" Yeah! What about those? Well if the nicotine is out of your system, the craves are not based on addiction. It is just you against your memories of smoking, and the idea that you gave up something! The truth is you gave up nothing! You took back what was naturally yours! Freedom! And, Freedom is good!

Now, Freedom means that you are Free to go about killing yourself in any damnfool way you wish! So, how do you avoid the pitfalls on the road to Freedom? You ride the Freedom Train (Blog) here everyday! Celebrate your milestones! You educate yourself about our addiction! There is a vast storehouse of knowledge among our members, and the pages of this site! Soak it all in! Learn what to EXpect and how to handle it! Then, lean on us for support! There are a lot of us here who have been where you are, and we will help you get where we are!

Remember that we share an addiction! It is not a habit! It is a nasy, stinking, killer addiction, and we are all one puff away from a pack a day! Or two packs! Never take even one single puff! I have made that committment, and if you will make it also, we can join hands and make the journey to Freedom together! Let's get it done!