Total Commitment!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Jul 20, 2014

A pig and a chicken were walking down the road one beautiful spring Monday when they passed the local church. The sign out front said "Join us Saturday morning for our annaul homecoming breakfast!" The chicken, who could not read, ask the pig what the sign said! After the pig told her, she got EXcited! She said "Those are such nice people, we should contribute to the breakfast! I could contribute some eggs and you could contribute a ham!!"

The pig responded "I am not sure you understand. If you lay some eggs and contribute them, you walk away and your contribution is done! If I give them a ham, that is one half of my back side, that is a commitment! And while it may seem to be half-ass, it is a total commitment!

Thank you to all who contribute to this site! However if you want to quit, and stay quit, do not make a half-ass commitment! Make a total commitment! Give up that part of you that thinks you need cigarettes! You will find that you have given up nothing! You have gained FREEDOM!

Live Free my friends! Smoke Free!!