If You Look at My Page.....

Blog Post created by pir8fan Champion on May 14, 2013

........... You will find a picture of me, and Dawn. As I head off to Las Vegas this week to meet a group of our fellow EXer's in person, I am reminded of the first EXer that I met in 3D! That was Dawn! And reason we met was to try and plan a get together of EXer's in Florida! Our plan never really grew legs, but the evening was the beginning of a very special, and somewhat unlikely friendship! Dawn was perhaps the most devout person I have ever know! I, on the other hand, am sometimes a bit flippant about my beliefs!

What we did share was a similar sense of humor, and a love of life! During the last year of Dawn's life I had the priviledge of spending a lot of time with her, even though it was a 7 hour round trip to see her! I saw her suffer in pain in the hospitals, and I saw her rejoyce on Christmas Eve, in a church, where we managed to get together with all three of her daughters, and her two Grandaughters! Her last Easter Sunday was spent at the House of Blues Sunday Gospel Brunch! The memory of her head thrown back, and her hands clapping to the music, will alway live in my head!! Oh, how she loved the Lord!

I listened to this brave Lady talk about her cancer, and the effects of the drugs that she had to take! Through this all, she never once ask "Why Me?".

One year ago today, our Sweet Sister in Freedom went to her reward! Through the medical trials I have faced in this past year I have know that there was one Special Angel watching over me! And, when the end comes for me, I hope I can handle it with the dignity and class that my Friend Dawn demonstrated!

Many of you knew Dawn! Many of you never did! Below is a link to the blog that I posted one year ago! I ask you all to take a moment today to remember our Sister Dawn.