There are no limits to what we can do!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Mar 22, 2013

Tonight a group of us from work stopped by Hooters! I had 20 Naked hot wings and 6 cold beers! I don't do that much anymore! The occassion was that a small local school, that did not EXist 7 years ago, was going to shock the world! Florida Gulf Coast University was playing the #2 seeded Georgetown Hoyas in the NCAA Tournament! A small school that should have been happy just to be there, and had no chance of winning, did just that! What an impressive feat!

I am reminded that we all can be giant slayers! We all have the talent and ability to do what is most important to us! As a small team no one but us locals, had heard of toppled the mighty Hoyas, I remembered how many people I have watched come to this site, and do things that even they did not think that they could! Including me! We all have the power to overcome the obstacles that we encounter on our way to Freedom! As a team, united in one purpose we are unstoppable! Join hands tonight my Friends, and refuse to lose! Freedom is ours! Let us all do this together!