A huge THANK YOU!.....

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Mar 9, 2013

..... to all who responded to my question about the Freedom Train!

First of all, I want to make it abundantly clear that not one single conductor has complained to me! This was based entirely on my own observations! We have a good working arrangement about posting the Train!

The second point is, that I can confidently say, that the Freedom Train is not going into mothballs! I started the Train with the idea that if it helped just one person, it was worth the effort! After reading your responses to my blog, I think it is apparent that people are still finding motivation and committment on the Train! It is still providing a vehicle where we can celebrate our Freedom, and announce our milestones! And it shows new people that we can be happy, and celebrate without smoking! It is possible to be both Free and Happy! It also gives us a focal point to concentrate on our next milestone! And our next celebration!

Everyones thoughts and ideas will be deliberated! I think that the most important challenge the Train faces is one of advertising! We must find a way to educate our new people about the Train! We must let everyone know that they are welcome! Bring everyone into the party! I am going to focus on this! I ask all of you to share the Train with all you know, and all that you meet! Lets make this the place to be, one more time! Come to the party, and remember: "IF YOU ARE NOT RIDING WITH US, YOU ARE MISSING THE TRAIN"

ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD                           Tommy