BIG THANK YOU..............

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Jan 19, 2013

............ to all of you who sent prayers, and get well wishes for my recent hoispital stay!

I have paid yet another installment on the debt that I incurred for my body, when I chose to start smoking, all those many years ago!

For those of you who may not know. I quit Smoking 01/01/10! Over three years ago! I knew that smoking was not good for me, but for many years lived with the attitude "That will never happen to me!" After all, I was 10 feet tall and bullet proof! Right? Well turns out that even though I am pretty tough, I am not immune to the evils of smoking! On August 10th of last year I had a quadruple by-pass! Since then I have had three cardiac catheteraztions. From EXperience, I can assure you that these procedures are not fun!

I implore all of you who have quit to never waiver in your resolve. All of you who are thinking about quitting, do not wait! No one knows which cigarette will be the one that will put you in my shoes! They are not comfortable shoes! Quit today, and stay quit! Wear comfortable shoes, and walk away from the woes of this addiction! Then step aboard the Freedom Train, everyday, and celebrate the milestones along your pathway to Freedom. Cling tightly to the awesome fact that YOU can indeed live Free!                  Tommy