When It Seems Hardest,,,,,,,,,

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Jan 9, 2013

.................Remember this!!!

There is a demon living in you! He is called the nicodemon! He has the ability to put thoughts in your head! You have the choice of listening to him, or not! He is dying! You are killing him! The thoughts that he's putting into your head are ones of desperation! He wants you to save him! Are you willing to give up your life for his? You have wrested the control from him! You have shattered the chains of bondage that this addiction has kept you in! You have tasted FREEDOM! Will you become a slave to this nicodemon again? You have a chance to breathe free! Take that chance! Turn you head, and let the little ******* die! You have regained control of your life! Keep it my friends! Keep it!!!         Tommy