New Years Revolution!!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Dec 31, 2012

In about 2 Hours, I will have 3 Smoke Free Years behind me! Yes, I quit for New Year's! And with the help of my Friends here, I have been Smoke Free for Three Years! Does that make me one of the rare Resolution Quitters that you hear about? We all know, or have heard how hard it is to quit as a New Years Resolution! No one keeps those resolutions, do they?

I have been call a resolution quitter, and I am not offended by it! But it is not totally true! I am a Revolution Quitter! We all have heard the story about how I came kicking and screaming to my quit! Did I want to quit? Hell no! Was I determined that I would quit? You bet your a$$ I was!

I did not make a resolution! I staged a Revolt! I Revolted against the cost of Smoking! I Revolted against the increased insurance rates I would have to pay! I did not enjoy my personal Revolt one bit! But I committed to it 100%! Eventually I Revolted against the the Nicodemon that tried to steal my health! I eventually Revolted against the Nicodemon that came for my friends!

For everyone out there who are planning to quit for the New Year, I encourage you to do it! But do not make a Resolution! Stage your own personal Revolution! I am here to tell you, that you can do it!          Tommy