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Poor Planning!

Posted by pir8fan Sep 22, 2012

I am sure that many of you know that I am leaving today on an 8 day Southern Caribbean Cruise! I had originally planned to go on the 25th of August! Unfortunately, I had a little issue with my heart that made those plans less than feasible! So, I rescheduled my trip for today! The one thing that I thought about in the original plan was my induction into the "Quad Squad"! 1000 Days of Freedom is a major milestone! When I had to reschedule I was not thinking quite so clearly! So, when next Thursday comes around, I will be in Aruba and probably without internet access!

Therefore, instead of riding the Freedom Train and celebrating with all my friends here, I will be riding a ship called the Carnival Freedom! While it is not the same, I could not help but notice that both vehicle are named FREEDOM! In my absence I hope you all will celebrate your Freedom everyday! And on Thursday I will raise a toast to all of you! For all of you are a part of my success here! Whether you have been here for a few days or a few years, you are all a part of the "Collateral Kindness" that makes this place work! You have made it work for me, and I thank you all from the bottom of my slightly damaged heart!

Love to all! Well, all EXcept the spammers!                             Tommy

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Good morning fellow EXer's around the globe! This morning I am, once again, honored to have been invited to be your guest Conductor/engineer on the Freedom Train! Today we have one guest of honor, and a couple of old friends that I would like to welcome back! So without further delay, let me get this Train rolling!

This morning we are headed to the city of brotherly love! We will make a brief stop before we leave at the Capitol Building in case some one wants to run (Rocky-esque) to the top of the steps and celebrate their victory over nicotine and its addiction!  But first we have our own shinning star to pick up!

LindaN! Do you hear that Train whistle blowing? Do you feel the ground shaking? It is the Freedom Train and it is coming for you! That is right my Sweet Young Lady! So grab you prettiest party dress and your favorite dancing shoes! You have 800 Days of Freedom to celebrate and that is going to be an all day job! I insist on you allowing me the first dance! Yes Linda! Sweet Linda! One of our very own here at the Freedom Train! She has done so much to make our milestones special, and now it our chance to turn the tables and make this a day that she will never forget!

It has been brought to my attention that I have overlooked someone! Mama2Froggies has 1 Full Smoke Free Year today! Climb aboard this Train and join in the celebration! A year is a fantastic milestone! I apogogize for the oversight! I am glad that you are here with us and a part of this community!!

I would also like to make note of the fact that our Dear Friend Brenda has found her way back home! A special thank you to Aztec, who never gave up on her! We are also re-joined today by our sweet Francis! Lets give them both a big Freedom Train "Welcome Home"!

I would also like to ask you to send out special prayers for our dear sweet Maggie as she is fighting health issues!

Now let's get this celebration cranked up!

This Train is bound for Freedom from the evils of Tobacco, and smoking!



The "Good Old Days"

Posted by pir8fan Sep 11, 2012

Good morning my fellow EXer's! I would like to start this blog with heartfelt congratulatons for all of you who are enjoying the benefits of a successful quit! As I read thru the blogs I find so many people who are struggling! So many are loosing there quits to stress, bad situations in their families, illness, job issues, and a host of other things! It just seems like so many are quitting at a bad time!

Reading this makes me thankful that I quit back in the "Good Old Days! I look today and see Sheryl with 1400 Days! I am approaching 1000 days! Then there is Mothergoose9(Connie), Giulia, Peggy, Dale, Mike n @tlanta, and so many others that I can not begin to name them all! We are the one who were lucky enough to quit back in the "Good Old Days"! The days when there was no stress, or illness or family issues! When jobs were great............... Do what? ................... Oh yeah! I guess I forgot about that! ........ That too!

You know, the truth of the matter is that life is going to continue to happen to all of us, no matter when we quit! The best that any of us can do is prepare the best that we can, and dive right in! I am a firm believer that the keys to success are Education and Support! I encourage you to learn about your addiction(And yes you are an addict) and face it! This does not mean that you you need to take a years long course of study! Learn the basics and keep learning even after you take the plunge! There is a vast storehouse of knowledge among the members of this site, and bits of it are shared everyday! So show up everyday, and learn! The second key is support! In our daily lives we do have some people who want us to quit! They support us the best they know how! What they do not understand is that we are addicts for life! We are all one puff away from a pack a day! They do not understand that after the first month, we are not cured! On-going support is important! We understand that here! That is why we are here when you need us whether it is day 3 or day 350!

Unfortunately, I left my crystal ball in my other suit! I can not tell you when bad things are going to happen in your life! But I can guarantee you that bad things will happen! I can also guarantee you that there are some good times ahead as well! These things are going to happen, no matter your smoking status! Neither are EXcuses to smoke! So go ahead and toss those butts! Re-take your life and your Freedom! There is never a bad day to quit! There is never a good day to smoke! And one more guarantee! When you quit, there will be more good days ahead than bad! Believe me! I have been to the top of the mountain, and looked both ways! The smoke Free way is the way you want to go! So take my hand, and someone elses! Let's go take a look from the top of Mount Freedom!                           Tommy



Posted by pir8fan Sep 5, 2012

I wonder if she knows how much she means to me? I wonder if she knows how much I enjoy the time we spend together!

I wonder if she knows what it means to me, to have someone who will stand up for me, when I need the support, and stand up to me when I am wrong? Someone who will stand with me when I am right, and stand down when it is not worth fighting over, or for?

I wonder if she know what it means to me, to have someone who always shows up when I need them, and disappears again before I can reward them? Does she know how important it is to have someone who calls me a hero, and makes me feel that my work has value? Does she know how good it makes me feel when I can help her past a rough spot?

Does she even have a clue that my rewards come from the things I can do for her? Can she come close to guessing how many times she saved me, and my quit? Does she understand that I am totally awed by the way she can do so much for others, in a manner that seem effortless? Does she know the love that she shares by living "Collateral Kindness"?

Who is she you ask?

She is you! She is the collection of people that I have come to know at BecomeAnEX! She is the people that are here every day! She is the people who are here occassionally! She is the people who have come, and are gone from here, including the one who watches over me from above now! All of you who have left your footprints in my heart!

I just wanted to take a moment today and and make sure you know how much you mean to me!

You mean the world to me!

Thank you one and all, for all that you give me! I wish I could EXplain how much better my life is because of you! Let us go forward now, and prosper! And never smoke again!        Tommy

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