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Walk This Way!

Posted by pir8fan Jun 28, 2012

Take my hand and let's go for a walk! Notice, as we walk, that there are uneven places on the ground that could trip us, if we lose our focus! However as we walk together, if one of us see a danger, we will automatically steer the other away from it! If one of us should stumble the other will not let them fall! It is such a pleasure to walk together! When dozens of us walk together, there are even more eyes, to see danger, and more strengh to keep us upright and safe! So start walking with just my hand, and we can add more as we go! Together, this group can go anywhere, and be safe because of the strenght of our numbers! So lets keep walking! And remember one thing about smoking! WE DON'T DO THAT ANYMORE!! Freedom lies just ahead!!

I am with you! We are with you! Just keep walking!                 Tommy

Good Morning all! Today as the Freedom Train makes it's daily run to Freedom, our Friend Shawn will be aboard! Shawn is celebrating her 100 Day milestone, and I am pleased to hold the door to the Triple Digit Club open for her!

I am sure that many of you know, and love this Girl! She is a valued member of our community, and does some remarkable things with graphics! But here is "The Rest of the Story" (Thank you Mr. Harvey).

Shawn, joined our community not knowing for sure what she was getting into! But she made a commitment to quit smoking! On the second day of that quit she reported to us that her Mom was in the hospital, and not doing well! In fact, she confided in me that her Mom wrote a note asking them to take her tube out! Her Mom was struggling and ready to go on. After much deliberation, and prayer they left the tube in, and her mom has made a remarkable recovery!

I tell you all of this so that I might point out the strenght of this woman's commitment! I hear people all the time that relapsed because of stress! And yes, I know that stress is a serial killer of quits! But, I want you to see, in Shawn, that stress does not have to kill your quit! I hope none of you have to face the stress of making that kind of decision! However in the stress that we do face in our daily lives, we can look to Shawn as an Example! We do not have to smoke! There are no reasons to smoke! Only EXcuses!

I am asking you all to take a moment today and join the Freedom Train, to offer Shawn congrats, and continued supoport, as she celebrates her induction to the Triple Digit Club!!

Shawn, Thank you for allowing me to call you my Friend! It only gets better from here!!!      Tommy


Thank You! Thank you all!

Posted by pir8fan Jun 19, 2012

Good Morning fellow EXer's! I just wanted to stop in this morning and thank everyone who helped me celebrate my 60th birthday on Sunday! 60 years old! How in the hell did that happen? Somehow, my mind got stuck somewhere back in my thirties!

My body,on the other hand, reminds me on a regular basis that I have been roamimg the planet much longer that anyone who knew me "back in the day" would ever have ever guessed! It is amazing what the body will tolerate, and bounce back from! All the years of abuse! Mind boggling! Of course there could be hidden damage that will surface down the road, but I will not borrow trouble! We all wonder how much damage we may have done with our years of smoking! No doubt there is a price to pay! There are consequences to every action! We must however shift our focus to the rewards that we enjoy everyday as EXer's

I may be getting older, but I no longer smell like an ash tray! At 60 I can climb steps that absolutely took all my breath 20 years ago! I can sit through a whole movie without a smoke break and the challenge of putting together the parts that I missed! I never rush through a magnificant meal to get to the trip outside at the end! I can sit and enjoy it all without rushing to feed an addiction! I am Free! And I owe so much of the credit for that to all of you!

So again! Thank you, thank you, thank you all, who have once again made my life a bit more special! Now I have to go! I have got a Train to catch!     Tommy


Snakes on a Brain!!!

Posted by pir8fan Jun 15, 2012

Good morning fellow EXer's! I hope everyone is off to a great Smoke Free day!

Last night, as the evening was winding down, and my K-9 companion Max was starting to eye me with that "Hey dad it is about time for my walk" look, I arose from my keyboard and saw movement on the carpet! Upon closer inspection I discovered a small snake! Welcome to Sunny South Florida! This snake posed no threat. He was about two and a half inches long and the diameter of a mechanical pencil lead! I forced him onto a paper towel and tossed him out the back door! As I walked back into the house I spotted another one! Then a third! I remove them in like fashion!

Now, I have a basic knowledge of biology! I know that these snakes did not just appear out of thin air! Where there are little ones, there will be big ones. So I spent a lot of time crawling around with a flashlight and finding nothing! But I know that sooner or later I will! I am prepared to deal with that when it happens!

All of this made me think of my quit! As we progress through the early days of our quit, we will encounter the small and annoying smoking thoughts, or cravings! We deal with them! One at the time we dispose of them, and we move on! However, we should be well aware that where there are little ones, there will be big ones! Are you prepared to handle the big ones, when they raise their ugly heads?

I would submit to you that each small one that you handle is training for the bigger ones to come! You can probably handle more than you know! However should you encounter the one that freezes you, the one that seems to big to handle on your own, then it is time to call the EX-Terminators! That would be us! Your friends, and fellow community members! Between the group of us, believe me, we have seen them all! We will help you get past anything that stands between you and FREEDOM! That is why we are still here! Here to help YOU, and You, and You over there! Let us all move forward without the "snakes" that would drive us back into the bondage of nicotine! Freedom is yours for the taking! You can do this! We will help!  

This message was brought to you, without commercial interuption, by your friends at The Freedom Train!



235 Years...,

Posted by pir8fan Jun 14, 2012

.... ago on June 14, 1777, this Nation adopted "Old Glory" as the official flag of The United States of America! In 1916 President Woodrow Wilson procliamed that June 14th would be our National Flag Day!

The Flag has become the symbol of Freedom that we enjoy here in The United States! This is the Freedom that allows companies (including tobacco and pharmaceutical companies) to produce legal goods and services, that they may market to us at a profit! Before we demonize these companies, we should look to ourselves! If we have a retirement plan, or 401K, or similar savings tool, we are most likely to be part owners of one or more of these companies! This is the same Freedom that allows us to make our own choices, and go about killing ourselves in any damnfool way that we choose! This Freedom also give us the right to assemble, and unify in causes that we believe will benefit us! Thus we have this wonderful place, BecomeAnEx. org! So, as we come together here each day and share in "Collateral Kindness", and celebrate our successes on the Freedom Train, let us pause for a second, and salute the Flag that is the symbol of our Freedom! Please remember to proudly display your flags today! Thank you!!     Tommy!

I pledge alligence to the flag of The United States of America, and to the Republic for which it stands, one nation under God, Indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all!

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