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Looking for Luck?

Posted by pir8fan May 28, 2012

You will find Luck at the intersection of Opportunity and Preperation

At this site you have the Opportunity to draw on the EXperience of successful quiters! Preperation! Prepare yourself by learning all you can about your Addiction! Put the two together and you have your Luck! EXcept around here we call it FREEDOM!       Tommy


The Art of Peter Max!

Posted by pir8fan May 27, 2012

God Bless America!!

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Memorial Day 2012

Posted by pir8fan May 27, 2012

Good morning all! 

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Good Morning! I hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial Day week-end! Whether you are firing up your own grill, going to someone elses party, spending quiet time a home, or (like me) working, I would like to encourage you all to pause in your activities for a few moments, and give thanks to all of those who have paid the ultimate price for our Freedom! Especially in this,an election year, respect their sacrafices by taking the time to become a qualified elector! Educate yourself on the position of all candidates, and assess how their core values line up with yours! Keep in mind that the goal is not our own personal station in life, but the Freedom of the nation as a whole! That is the same Freedom that so many have given their lives to pass on to us! Protect that Freedom!

Also, be sure to protect the Freedom we have given ourselves! The Freedom from the bondage of nicotine! Be Smoke Free! Now let us celebrate all of our Freedom! God Bless You, and God Bless America!  Tommy


Good evening my Friends!

Posted by pir8fan May 21, 2012

You may(or may not) have noticed that I have been pretty quiet for the last couple of weeks! The first one, I was dealing with the nasty details that come along with a deathbed watch. For the last week I have been dealing with the loss of a dear Friend! If you missed it, our dear sister in Freedom, Dawn passed away last Tuesday morning. 

A few times in the past I have written about sails and anchors! The point that I am trying to get to here is just this! I have said before that as you sail your ship through life, everyone in your life is either a sail, or an anchor! To be successful you must collect your sails and cut loose your anchors! In this last week, as I have been collecting my sails and wrapping them around me, I have re-discovered that I have an embarassment of riches! The true friends that are the sails upon the mast of my lifes ship, are of the finest quality! The number of them is astounding! Surely, my journey through life will be successful! To do less would be a waste of the energy and love that is given to me so freely, and a terrible dishonor to those who give so much of themselves to me! Thank you my friends. My vocabulary is not sufficient to EXpress my gratitude! I hope the good in your lives can be equal to the good that you contribute to mine! And, as you sail your ships through life, I wish you all fair winds, and following seas!     Tommy

If you happened to be outside at 2:00 AM Eastern time this morning, you may have felt a slight stirring of the air as the Pearly Gates Of Heaven swung open to welcome our Sister in Freedom, Dawn. For the past year and a half Dawn has put up a valiant fight against a cancer that has no cure. Throughout the battle she has maintained an unshakable faith in God. And unquenchable thirst for life. There is no question in my mind that The Lord has prepared a special place for this Lady!

She is survived by two families. There is the one that she was born into, and brought three daughters into, and her family here at EX. Her trademark WOOOOO HOOOOO will forever echo through the celebrations on the Freedom Train.

I hope that God will forgive me. I know that this is a time in which we should be celebrating her life, but I am sad. While I know in my heart of hearts that there is one more angel watching over me, I also know that there is one less person here on earth that truly loved me.

Good bye my Dear Sweet Dawn. May Your Rest Be As Sweet As My Memories Of You!

God, we commend the spirt and soul of our sister Dawn into Your loving care! Amen

Attention all Mothers, and I think most of you know who you are!!

Tomorrow is a special day set aside to pay tribute to you and all of your virtues! The virtues of a Mother are far too numerous to list! I suspect that the job is part instinct and part learned behavior. And where does one learn such behavior? From your Mother. So first of all, everyone of you lovely ladies are a walking tribute to the person that taught you to be a Mother.

Then there are your children. They love you!! They appreciate the night you stayed up with them when they were sick. They remember the nights you could not sleep until they were home safe. They remember the times you laughed and cried with them. Or just let them talk. They may tease you and call you a martyr. But they know! They may not express it very well, but they know! You are the only source they can count on for unconditional Love. There will be times when your children will not like you, and times that you will not like them very much. But they know! You will never stop loving them. From you they will learn to love themselves, and learn to love others. So it is that all the love in the world first comes from Mothers.

I would like to take this moment to salute all the Mothers here, that bring love to this site everyday, It is fitting that there is a day set aside to honor you. And, I would like to wish all of you a very, very HAPPY SMOKE FREE MOTHERS DAY!!!!!!!! Thank you for the Love you bring here!!!!!! Tommy


An open letter to Nick Deemon

Posted by pir8fan May 11, 2012

Dear Nick,

We have been fooled by you too long! You come here begging for friends! We all know what kind of friend you are!

You ask why you can't be featured in the member spotlight? Don't you see that this entire site shines a spotlight squarely on you? We see you for who you really are! So go and sing your siren's song elsewhere! We know you for the murdering, thieving, monster that you are! Like Mike n @tlanta, and Giulia and all that came before us, we will ride the Train to Freedom! We will be your fools no more! Now be gone with you before someone(like Glindathegoodwitch) drops a house on you as well!

Your EX friend, Tommy

“A friend is one to whom you can pour out the contents of your heart, chaff and grain alike. Knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping and with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.”

What a fantastic description of a friend! This is the person that Sootie is to me! An absolutely wonderful and honest person!

ConGrats on 900 Days K.O.


To my Dear Sweet Dawn!

Posted by pir8fan Apr 30, 2012

Happy Birthday to you!!!

Happy Birthday to you!!!!!

Happy Birthday Dear Dawn!!!!!

Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!

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