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It was a windy Saturday night in New York, and the streets were slick from the rain that had just ended. The big car pulled up before the massive door on a side street. The chauffeur jump out and ran around the car to open the door for the well dressed couple in the back! He then ran ahead to rap loudly on the massive door! Before the smaller door behind the grillwork even opened one could imagine the band playing and the party crowd inside doing the Charleston!

The small door opened and a gruff man with a cigar in the corner of his mouth demanded "Whatta you want?". The young man from the back seat stiffened his spine and replied "Benny sent me!" The gruff man behind the door countered "Benny has no friends here." To which the young man responded "He did yesterday."! "That is right." said the gruff one. "Come on in out of the cold!"

The big door swung open and the young couple steped inside of the classic "Speak Easy"! The air was heavy with smoke! But there was no music! A passing waiter offered the couple a cocktail to enjoy while they placed their order! He paid no attention to the fact that the young lady appeared much to young to be drinking. They were soon escorted to a table where the "Big Fellow" sat, surrounded by heavily armed thugs! "Lets see your money" he demanded. The young man reached into his pocket and pulled out four crisp one hundred dollar bills! "What do you want?" ask the the "Big Fellow"? One carton of Marlboro Lights and a carton of Kool Milds! Laughter erupted all around the table! "You expect me to give you two cartons of cigarettes for 400 lousy dollars! I know, I know, that's what they were last month, by the pressure is on around here. You want two cartons, I am going to need another hundred dollars!" "NO" bellows the young man as he pulls out a large caliber hand gun! "You will not rob me anymore"! The young lady screams............

The end of this story is yet to be written! But the idea that we can legislate away addiction will lead to this, and many other stories like it! High prices forced by excessive taxation is not the answer to decreased smoking rates! The keys are education, support, and while in my mind the jury is still out on this one, medications. This is the three legged stool upon which our future as non-smokers must rest!

To all who wish to quit, Educate yourselves! Learn about your addiction! And yes, you are an addict! Find support! On going support! In my opinion, this site is the best vehicle for on going support you will ever find! If you must, use medical product to help you! But use them as directed! DO NOT devise your own plan for their use! Follow the directions on the package to the letter! You would not try to do brain surgery on yourself. Do not try to re-invent the wheel in pharmicology! You can succeed in your quit! And though the power of "Collateral Kindness" you can help others! You can do this! We will help!                   Tommy

Good Morning Fellow EXer's! It is indeed a wonderful feeling to sit at the throttle of the Freedom Train once again! I must take a moment and thank the Ladies that do such a fantasic job here of helping us celebrate our milestones! They have made the Train an enduring monument to what is possible, and an important goal for those who are fighting the good fight in their quest to reach their first milestone!              

It is a rare day when the Conductors note show no milestones to celebrate! However that is the case today! If we are missing anyone, do not be bashful! Speak up, and come and take a seat of honor on this vehicles daily run to Freedom!

On Tuesday, I sent the IRS a check to pay taxes! It is a sobering event! It is no wonder that someone figured out a long time ago that you would not object so much to having them deducted from your paycheck! The idea being that once a year many will get a part of their own money back, and be happy about it! This year we will  pay an average of 29.2 percent of all income to fund the government! Unfortunately that is a mere fraction of what we pay, and an even smaller  fraction of what they spend! The are also hidden taxes. Like the ones we pay on a gallon of gas! Or the $3.00 and up that is paid on a pack of cigarettes! Three dollars! Four dollars and more! I remember buying a carton for two dollars! The good news is that I do not need to be outraged over that one! And neither do you! Because: We Don't Do That Anymore! Let us all give thanks for that little piece of Freedom!

Onward to better things! Tomorrow we will be having a HUGE bonfire that will be held at MistyDawns Blog! If you have never been to one of our bonfires, you should start getting EXcited about it now! Everyone shows up! The is food, and beverage, and music, and much jocularity! I am assured that the full resources of Freedom Train Inc. will be standing by to assist with transportation needs. That will include the Freedom Limo in case Giulia(or anyone else) should need a ride home! Everyone should calculate how many cigarettes we have not smoked since out quits began! Take the number of cigarettes you smoked per day and multiply by the number of day you have been quit! EXAMPLE: A pack a day for 100 Days would be 20 in a pack X 100 days. 20X100= 2,000! That is how many cigatettes you are contributing to the fire! The Freedom Dump truck will be picking up mine! Rumor has it that Nick Deemon will show up! I have promised to push him into the fire if he bothers my friends!

For today lets just all sit back and enjoy the view, as this marvelous Train make it's daily run to Freedom!

This Train is bound for Freedom from tobacco and smoking!




100 Days! Two Years!

Posted by pir8fan Apr 10, 2012

100 Days ago, I stepped aboard the Freedom Train to celebrate, with this community, the fact that I had been quit for 2 years! Now I realize that to those of you who are still in the early stages of your quit, 2 years is not even thinkable right now! But it is doable! To try to get that into a decent perspective, I visited a blog I wrote 2 years ago. I am going to link to it here, so some of you, who were not around back then, can see where I was and where you are headed! Please note in the comments how many came from people that you still see here today! These people are my friends, and I love them! These people stuck by me through good times, and bad! They praised me when I was right, and kicked me in the backside when I was wrong! That is what real friends do! Some of the people commenting on your blogs today will come to mean just as much to you! I hope there is something here that will help you gain perspective on your own future! Keep your Focus!!  FREEDOM!    Tommy



Posted by pir8fan Apr 4, 2012


Posted by pir8fan Apr 4, 2012

On Feb. 18 2011, God sent one of his most special angels to this site! This angel needed a little help with breaking an addiction! From the very beginning she drank in every word of advice, and acknowledged every inkling of support she was offered! She did her homework, and went about her quit the right way! Throughout her studies she won the hearts and souls of all that she met!

One year ago Marcie walked away from her addiction! It has been a textbook quit from Day 1! She faced her struggles with unparalleled courage! She ask for help when she needed it. And she never left a doubt in anyones mind about how sincere she was!

When the Freedom Train became too much for me to handle, and Maggie and I ask her to help, She took a day to think it over! She was not going to make a commitment she could not keep! And keep that commitment she has! Because that is what she does! The Freedom Train may not have survived without her! She is a beautiful Lady, a wonderful Friend, and a Blessing to all who know her!

So, my friends, if you would, please, take a couple of minutes to let Marcie know how much we love her! Marcie, you are an AWESOME human being, and my heart swells with pride because you allow me the honor of calling you my Friend! Congrats on the First Year of Your New and Improved Smoke Free Life!!

 As our Marcie says;  "NOT ONE HIT SINCE THE DAY WE QUIT"


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