Freedom Train Has New Owners!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Mar 1, 2012

In January of last year a thought turned into reality when the first Freedom Train ran down the tracks! It was a thought that it would be wonderful to give my fellow EXer's a vehicle in which they could celebrate their milestones! The Freedom Train has grown to be, I think, the most recognized, and responded to icon of Becomeanex.org. I will take to my grave the pride that I feel every time I see the daily blog posted!

 It is a fact that I would have never been able to take the Train anywhere near the level that it operates at today! When I reached the limit of my endurance, Maggie, you was there to keep me sane! And I enlisted her help! We both knew that two people were not enough! So we approached Marcie and Linda! These are the three wonderful ladies have made the Freedom Train what it is today! Thank you! We have enlisted the help of others, but this group are the Freedom Train as we know it! My contributions are very limited! It is time to acknowledge facts, and give credit where credit is due! I serve no valid role in the Freedom Train anymore! And I have no desire to be a figurehead! With that thought in mind I would like to cede ownership of the Freedom Train to these three fine Ladies! It is time for me retire from the rails!

Maggie, Thank you for always being there for me! I could never write enough words to tell you how I feel about you!

Marcie, God smiled on this Train the day that you accepted our invitation to join the staff! I know that there have been times when you felt the entire burden of the Train was left to you! You wiil always be a Shero in my eyes! Thank you for keeping it together. You hold a special place in my heart! Always will!

LindaN, If the Train could run on love you would be able to handle this job all alone! Thank you for all the love and hard work you have poured into this Train! Love you, Sweet Young Lady!

A special thanks also goes out to everyone who has, and continues to contribute to the success of the Train! Cyn, Jonilou, Shill, Bobby , and now Karen!

Last, but not least I want to thank all who have ridden and posted on the Train! You are the one's that this Train is all about! Continue to ride everyday and smell the sweet scent of Freedom! And never forget!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Tommy