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I read a blog!

Posted by pir8fan Feb 23, 2012

Yep, I did! Just the other day I read a blog written by one of our members who has been gone for a while! It was a great blog! It had a very good point! I realized how much this member really has to contribute!

You remember that I said this member had not been around for a while? Well, the absence was not caused by smoking! It was caused by a disagreement! That got me to thinking about all the disagreements that I have had with folks here as well! I am glad that I never left the site because of them! We have always had them, and we always will!

I have heard of events where people celebrate diversity! I have never received an invitation to such an event! That is probably because people know that I believe in equal rights for all, and if someones thinks their differences entitles them to special rights, then that is just another form of unequal rights! What I do believe is that there is strength in diversity! A sharing of our different thoughts, and attitudes makes us all stronger! This led me to drag out my copy of The Constitution! After EXamining it thoroughly, I found no language that gives us a right not to be offended! And that is OK! It is indeed OK for me to take offense at your views. It is OK for you to take offense to my views! There is no reason for us to pull up our roots and move elsewhere, because we do not agree! If I may paraphrase and old adage, "you can learn something from the dumbest among you!" That means you can learn something from someone you do not agree with! And so can I!

It has often been said here "Take what you need and leave the rest!"! I encourage each of you to do just that! Everyone here contributes to what we are as a community! Please do not move out when someone hurts your feelings! When this community loses a member, we not only become less as a community, but we set a poor EXample for or new neighbors, who are just setting up shop here!

I do not agree with everything that is said here! I suspect that some of you do not agree with everything I say! It is possible that some of you might not even like me! (hard to believe, I know) What I want to leave you with today is, that I am glad that we are all here as a community! We do so much for so many! I am proud to be a part of that! And I am proud of you as well! Stay with us my friends! The best is yet to come!           Tommy


The least used of your powers!

Posted by pir8fan Feb 18, 2012

I look around this site most everyday, and I am in awe of the power we all have, that we never knew we had! Who among you came to your quit knowing for an absolute fact that this would be your "Forever Quit"? Who knew, without a shadow of a doubt, that you could do this? Now look! You have found the power to quit, and stay quit for(fill in the blank _______ days! You found people here who are willing to help you learn life without cigarettes! You have discovered that you had the power all along!

There is another power that we all have, that is not used nearly enough! We often see anger come from our friends here! It may be directed at many different things, and sometimes even other people! We are stopped by it, and wonder where it came from! I have theory, and if you will allow me a minute to EXpound on it, I hope, in the end we will all be better off!

The one thing that we all have in common here is a history of making bad decisions! I used to make about 40 of those a day! Everytime I lit another cigarette! I do not think that any of us are proud of those decisions! I think we resent what we have done to ourselves! Some of us are fortunate, and have dodged the bullet so to speak! So far! Some of us already know the health consequences we face because of smoking! We have all sacraficed some part of ourselves to the addiction we suffer from!

The power that we have is the power to forgive ourselves! We forgive others everyday for one thing or another! Why is it so hard to forgive ourselves? Maybe, it is because we face the reallity of ourselves in the mirror everyday! Whatever the reason, You, every one of you have the power to forgive yourself! What you have done is bad, there is no avoiding the truth of that! My Dear Friend Sootie says that we do not quit to keep from dying! We are all going to do that anyway! We quit so that we can live while we are still here! AMEN!

You have walked away from your addiction! You have taken you life back! None of us know how much of that we have left! But it is a time to be joyous! It is a time to celebrate! FORGIVE YOURSELF! Do not let anger at yourself for your poor decissions, steal the time that you have left! Do not give the remainder of your life back to the addiction! Awaken to each new filled with pride that you have taken your life back! Go out into each new day without guilt! What is done is done! I forgive you! Now, I ask you to be as kind to yourself as you would be to a near stranger! FORGIVE YOURSELF! Love yourself, for you are loved! Now, go forward and prosper!                         Tommy


This is serious!

Posted by pir8fan Feb 16, 2012

Twenty months ago my Dear Friend from this site, Sheri, was fighting cancer! In the trenches of that battle, she met a young Lady of 29 who was fighting her own battle. She had lung cancer! This battle did not end well for the young Lady. It did however inspire me to write a blog that I feel a need to re-post today! I hope there is something in here that you can use to help motivate yourself!

What was your biggest problem today??

June 22, 2010 by pir8fan

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Did you run out if gas today (in your car)? Did you run out of gas today (energy wise)? Did a waitress mess up your order today? Did the battery die on your cell phone? Did someone say something that you did not like? How about that smoking thing? Did you fight off a few cravings today? What was your biggest problem of the day?


Today, in Florida a young lady of 29 took her last breath because of a disease caused by smoking!! 29 Years old! What were you doing when you were 29. Were you just getting a handle on life? Maybe you were married and had young children! Do you remember thinking the whole world was wide open to you? You could do anything and go anywhere!! Did you fire up another cigarette and start planning a future! We have all the evidence we need today that the words "cigarette" and "future" do not belong in the same sentence!


So many of us dodged so many bullets!! For the most part, we don't know or think about the ones who did not!! Did some magic genetic code save us? Why was I one of the lucky ones? I don't know! I never will! What I do know is that if you are one of the lucky ones, you have pushed your luck enough! There is a game called Russian Roulette! You put one bullet in a revolver, you spin the chamber, stick the barrel in your mouth and squeeze the triger. You find out if your luck has run out! Anybody want to play? Go and buy a pack of smokes, spin one out, put it in your mouth and squeeze your lighter! Find out if your luck has run out!!


Today in Florida a young lady of 29 took her last breath! God, we commend the spirt of our young sister into Your Loving Hands! We ask you to help us keep the lesson!! Amen


One more Oldie but Goodie!

Posted by pir8fan Feb 12, 2012

This week the 112th congress convened! In another monumental failure of government, they neither introduced, voted on, nor passed any legislation requiring the American public to smoke! On this same day they also failed to pass legislation requiring us to eat horse manure! By these failures, the government grants us tacit approval to make these choices for ourselves! Therefore, partaking of either of these substances is offically a personal decision!

In view of this, we must stop blaming others and take personal responsibility! We are not victims of the government, the tobacco companies, or any other horses ass! We are victims of our own poor decisions! Wake up this morning and smell the coffee!

The opinions expressed in this blog are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of this website! My name is Tommy Piver and I approved this message!              Tommy


Just a Reminder!

Posted by pir8fan Feb 11, 2012

I am re-posting the main point of a blog I wrote about a year ago!

I was just scanning the blogs of the day and noticed a disturbing patten! Evidently our quits are destroying us! I have seen quits blamed for: Irritability, Sleeplessness, Joint pain, Negativity, Depression, Tears, Feeling down and a host of other maladies! Even Squishy Brain Syndrome!

I have a question! Did you ever experience any of these things when you smoked? Of course you did! They are a part of everyday life! They happen to people who smoke, to people who don't, and to people who quit! There is no real relationship here! People, life happens! And this is life! Do not make your quit the scapegoat for every problem you face for the rest of your life!

You have chosen to quit for whatever reason! Embrace that decision! Embrace your New and Improved Smoke Free Life!                            Tommy

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