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If I may, I would like to take a moment to commemorate the begining of The Freedom Train! One year ago today the Train made it's maiden voyage on the tracks to Freedom! Since then, it has made daily trips to allow all who yearn to breath Free to celebrate their personal milestones, and those of their fellow EXer's! The purpose of the Train is to provide motivation to all, and recognition to those who are achieving success! For a year now the Train has done just that! So, if you would allow a proud Papa a moment to boast!

The term Freedom Train was not original, and that has been well documented!(See Link below) However the cyberphysical manifestation of it was! It is an idea and realization for which I will always be proud! Many of you know that I labored intensively, and alone for the first 5 moths after the Trains birth! Like many parents with a new child, I did not sleep much! Since that humble begining the Train has been blessed with many adopted parents! Today these are the people who keep the Train running! So I would like to EXtend my heartfelt thanks to all who have worked tirelessly to make sure we catch all the milestone that we possibly can! Maggie, Marcie, LindaN, Cyn, Shill, Jonilou, and BobbyMaynard! You all have my undying gratitude! Thank You! I look forward to many more years of helping each other escape the bondage of tobacco and smoking! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, One and All!

Now let's all get over to the Train and celebrate! "IF YOU ARE NOT RIDING WITH US, YOU ARE MISSING THE TRAIN"               ALLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!              Tommy

Link to the origin of the Train!



Posted by pir8fan Jan 29, 2012

I keep reading about people slipping! I realize that it is winter, and,for some of you that is a cold time of year! I even see pictures of ice and snow! I would like to caution all of you who have to walk in that stuff to be careful! When I see a blog about someone slipping, my first thought is "Oh no, I hope they did not hurt themselves"! Then I start reading and find that it is not about someone busting their butt! It is about someone lighting a butt! That is different! You see when you slip, and fall that can be an accident, or just being careless!

Lighting a cigarette is at best premeditated carelessness! At worst it is a decision that you made! You may be having a weak moment. You may be stressed. But it is no accident! You do not walk outside slip, and a lit cigarette falls in your mouth...... just as you inhale! Somebody may have given you one, but you are the one who took it!

My whole point here is that no one else makes you smoke! You do it! When you are having a weak moment, or feeling stressed out, do not reach for a smoke, reach for a friend! If you have not noticed, there are people here, at all hours of the day and night, for the simple purpose of helping you escape the slavery that you are held in! The first thing people do when they start to fall in the ice and snow is reach out for support to keep from falling! The same should apply when you lose your balance in your quit! We are here for you! Reach out for our support! You can do this! We will help!!                   Tommy


Freedom Train 01/27/12

Posted by pir8fan Jan 27, 2012

Good morning fellow EXer's! Welcome one, and all, aboard the Freedom Train, as we start our daily journey down the tracks of Freedom from addiction! A search of the Conductor's notes reveals no major milestones to celebrate today! If we are missing someone, please come aboard and make us aware of the oversight! And know that it is not intentional!

Today is Friday, which is the end of the work week for many of you! In front of you lies a week-end of Freedom! Some of us do have to work this week-end! But I digress! Yesterday Booby posted a definition of Freedom here on the Train, and I hope it got you all thinking about the Freedom that you have in your own lives! The definition was "EXemption from EXternal controls"! Woooooo Hoooo! Exemption from External controls! It means that you are in control! Do you feel the power of those words? You Are In Control! How much of our lives do we spend trying to be in control of things that are beyond our control? Here is one where our power to control is absolute! No one can ever make you smoke! Ever! It is entirely up to you!

Is there a down side! That depends on how you view responsibiliy! Because, when you have absolute control, you also have responsibiliy for maintaining that! And you have responsibiliy for the consequences of failure to maintain that control! Can you handle that? I believe that you can! Absolutely! All of us are here because we are Rebels to some degree or another! None of us found out that there were consequences to smoking 10 minutes before we quit! We knew there were risk, and we ignored them, denied them, or believed that we were bullet proof!

Today I would like to ask you to come aboard the Freedom Train and talk about how your new found Freedom has changed your life! How your willingness to accept responsibility has opened up new avenues to you! Help the new people among us understand the value of "EXemption fron EXtrenal controls"! As we help others re-learn life without smoking, help them also learn the joy of Freedom in other aspects of life that comes from self control and responsibility! Share you story, so that we all may learn from each other! Share your success!

This Train is bound for Freedom from tobacco and smoking!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                               Tommy


Giving Up???

Posted by pir8fan Jan 21, 2012

I am seeing people giving up on their quits! On the surface they seem to be giving up without a fight! But, I know that is not true! You see I smoked for 44 years! I have been there, done that, and got the tee shirt! In most cases, so many times that they stopped charging me for the tee shirt! I want you all to know that I understand the fact that you are not giving up without a fight! You are fighting and losing. The reason you lose is simple! You are a victim of  numbers! You have to win every battle! The nicodemon only has to win one!

So how do you win? I am glad that you ask! Stop fighting by yourself! You have a lot of help here! Make sure that you are prepared for the fight! First of all you must understand your opponent! Read and learn all you can about the addiction you are going to fight! I once found myself in a position where a former golden gloves boxing champion and I were coming to blows! Now there was no way I could win a fist throwing competition with him! So the first thing I did was take him off his feet! I gave myself a chance to win by knowing who I was fighting! Educate yourself! Know what you are fighting!

In this battle you are fighting for your life! Forget the Marquis of Queensbury! There is no fair fight! Use any and everything at your disposal to win! The number one weapon that you have is the collective wisdom, and knowledge, of all the quitters who spend their time here, helping people just like you beat their addiction!

So, you say you want to quit smoking! Prove it! Never give in without giving us a chance to help you! That is what we are here for! If you want to quit, you can do it! We will help! I promise!          Tommy


Todays Freedom Train!

Posted by pir8fan Jan 20, 2012




Origin of the Freedom Train!

Posted by pir8fan Jan 19, 2012

I was talking on the phone today with a very Dear Friend! At one point she ask me about the origin of the Freedom Train! It seems she had read an inaccurate account of it's birth! Nothing new there! This question comes up from time to time, and I have never addressed it in a blog before! So here is the true story of the birth of the Train!

The term Freedom Train has been around for a long time! I think it was used to describe the Underground Railroad that took slaves to Freedom back in the 1800's! The place that I got the name, was from a blog written by my friend. and quit buddy Joe! Joe and I quit on the same day. In the beginning we EXchanged messages a lot! Back in April 2010, on our 100 day celebration Joe wrote a blog that I will link to at the end of this missive! In the blog you will note that he said "I help myself the most by helping others.." And at the end he said "God bless to all of us as we continue the journey on the freedom train."

So without reservation I give Joe all the credit for the idea of the Freedom Train! In a blog on New Years Eve  2010, I said "I care about every one of you who are seeking freedom! I will drive the train at this railroad to freedom". All aboard!! And bring your extra baggage! We will help you sort it out!" Thus, from Joe's thought and my pronouncement The Train was born! A short time later it became a cyber reality!

So for all who are interested, that is the true story of our beloved Train! Straight from the horse's mouth! Please enjoy Joe's blog at this link!   Thanks!!         Tommy

Last night our Dear Friend Kellie paid a vist to this site! She updated us on what is going on in a life gone very wrong because of smoking! At the end of this blog I will add a link to her page and to her blog from last night! But first in a show of respect for this lady, I am reposting a blog/letter I wrote to Kellie in August of 2010! If you do not know Kellie yet, take the time to get to know her! She is an EXtraordinary woman!

quitcoach badge


Dear Kellie,

August 27, 2010 by pir8fan

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You don't know me, and I don't know you, but I sure would like to meet you! I have read your words and marveled at your courage for a while now! I look around and see so many with so much to be thankful for who "try" to quit smoking! We sit around our keyboards and pat each other on the back and talk about how hard it is to quit! We do not discuss the hardships associated with not quitting! Those reallties are a little too scary to talk about! Where is our courage?


Then we come to you! In an open and frank discussion of your real life, you force, us to look into the mirror. And often we turn away, at a loss for words. How hard it must be to spend your life trying to divert us from the trap you fell into, and seeing the indifference to your warning! Yet you summon up another sniffter of courage, and and battle on. You struggle for everyone of us, in a tireless manner, and never looking for anything in return! I wish I had something to offer you, besides my unwavering respect! That, and this salute to true courage!


One day we shall all take our last breath before we go and stand before our Maker. Shakespeare said thru the words of Jullis Caesar " Cowards die many times before their death, but the valiant taste of death but once." I pray that we might all face our future with the courage you display everyday. My thoughts and prayers are with you as you face each new challenge. Forever, Tommy


I love you Kellie!


The blame game!

Posted by pir8fan Jan 13, 2012

I see a lot of folks who suffering because of their quits! That put me in mind of a blog I wrote 257 day into my own quit! I hope the message is helpful today!


I woke up this morning with a bit of a headache! My first thought was that the 4 1/2 hours of sleep was not enough! Then I came in a fired up my computer! I understood right away that sleep had nothing to do with my headache! It was right in front of my eyes! My quit clock said I had 257 days! This is the much feared 258 day headache! And we all know there are only two options! I had to choose whether to suffer through it or go buy cigarettes! Once again I choose to suffer! Of course as the day progressed and I suffered in silence, I could not help but remember all the suffering I have gone through since I began this quit! There were those two cardiac episode that I had because of my quit! There was that incident a few days back where the ground collapsed under my foot! Because of my quit I twisted my knee, my ankle, and my hip! If I had just had a cigarette surely I would not have been in pain! And then there was the time---wait--wait---wait a minute!!!! This had nothing to my quit! It is the everyday aches and pains of life! I had the same things when I smoked! I just did not have a quit to blame them on!

Relax people! Your quit is not going to turn you into a pain free, worry free person. It will make your life better in the long run! But not perfect! You already know all this. But the nicodemon!!! That little ******* keeps telling you that if you smoke all your problems will be solved! Just like they were last time you smoked! Do not let him blow that smoke up your skirt! It is the same kind of lie that kept you hooked for (fill in the blank)________ years!

Respect yourself and respect your quit! Life will never be perfect, but it is much better smoke free!!!


My name is Tommy! This message was brought to you by the Freedom Train!

We have the good fortune to add two more Conductors to our staff! As more and more quitters join us and the work load has increased, we have found it necessary to ask for more help! Our new staff members need no introduction, as you all know them well! So without further ado, I am happy to Announce Jonilou and BobbyMaynard as the newest members of our staff! I am sure that in the near future you will be enjoying Freedom Train rides with them at the throttle! Please join me in welcoming them and congratulating them on their new positions! WOOOOOOOO HOOOO!

This Train is bound for Freedom from the evils of tobacco and smoking!!





Sails and Anchors!

Posted by pir8fan Jan 9, 2012

As we sail our ships through life everyone we meet is either a sail or an anchor! To reach our destination we must collect out sails, and cut loose our anchors! Do not let the nattering nay-bobs of negativity drag you down!

What we do here is help each other live smoke free! Education and support are the two legs that we stand upon! Support comes in many forms. Whether it is compassion, tough love, or just bringing a smile to someone face when they are down, all are tools to reach the same end! There is no right or wrong way to do it! Stay strong my friends. And lend strength to each other! It will be payed back when you need it!    Tommy

Good Morning fellow EXer’s! Come and join us today as the Freedom Train makes its daily voyage to Freedom from nicotine! No tickets are required! This ride is Free to all who wish to break the shackles that bind them in slavery to Tobacco! Bring all your extra baggage! We will help you sort it out!

I would encourage all to have patience with the snail like pace of the site! I have been assured by the powers that be that people are working hard to address the issues! Now I will try my level best to practice what I preach! I would like to send out special thanks today to Maggie! She is working diligently to record quit dates for all the new people! With the current speed of the site this is a monumental task! Thank you Maggie! We love you!

The first stop for the Freedom Train this morning is In PA where we will find Jay! Today he is celebrating 2 Years of Smoke Free living! Jay’s interests include farming. It that is what he does for a living, I expect he can take the day off and come celebrate with us! It is cold out there! Climb aboard this Train, Jay! There is going to be a party!

Now let’s get out of the cold and head for Florida! YaYa, do hear that Train whistle? Can you feel the ground rumble? That is the Freedom Train, and we are coming for you! You have 700 Smoke Free Days behind you! So Grab you prettiest party dress, and you dancing shoes! We are ready to celebrate you! We love you!

Carolyn415, The Freedom Train is headed to Oklahoma! 500 Smoke Free Days is a fantastic milestone! I can’t see anything on your page, but I know you are here! Come board this Train and help us celebrate you!

Jonilou! The next stop is for you! 300 Days of Freedom! Thank you for the wisdom that you bring here! I am glad that we get a chance to show you how much we appreciate you today! 300 Days! WOOOOO HOOOOO!

The last stop is back to my home state of North Carolina! We are here to pick up Techguyed! Today we welcome him on his first ride as an honoree on the Freedom Train! Congrats on the first 50 Days of you New and Improved Smoke Free life! You are doing great, and I, for one have a great appreciation for sarcasim! So feel free to share! Now let,s get this party started!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the Evils of tobacco and smoking!!





Perscription for quitting!

Posted by pir8fan Jan 6, 2012

Take a very large loading dose of the the Caring and the "Collateral Kindness" found at this site! Continue to take any size doses, PRN (as needed)!! Take in quanities that work for you! There is no such thing as an overdose! Supplies are unlimited and available 24/7/365! Caution: Do not smoke while taking this or any other medication!!!

This is a public service announcement brought to you by Tommy and all your friends at The Freedom Train!!

Warning: Side effects include, but are not limited to, feelings of self-esteem, pride, and happiness! Reports of people smelling better are common! Fresher breath, and whiter teeth are also reported! You should be prepared to live a longer happier life! Freedom will be yours!


What a day! What a Ride!

Posted by pir8fan Jan 2, 2012

I want to Thank All of You who participated, yesterday, in my celebration of Two Smoke Free Years! It is a great milestone and I am truely honored to have so many wonderful friends to share it with me! First and foremost I want to Thank everyone who rode the Freedom Train yesterday! The continuation of this vehicle for the recognition of milestones is awesome. I want reach out today especially to Maggie! She drove the Train yesterday and remembered some of my all time favorites! The Country Ham Breakfast! The Steak and Shrimp! And of course the the Official Cake of the Freedom Train! All were still EXcellent when I got around to eating them!

A number of people that I had not heard from in a while came by yesterday to Extend their congratulations! I am blessed indeed to have so many great Friends! Unfortunatey, Sears, in their infinite wisdom, projected a need for me to work a very long day yesterday! The failure of that need to actually materalize in insignificant! Who knew that people would not leap from their beds EXtra early on New years Day with a passionate desire to run out and buy appliances? At any rate there were not enough hours in the day, yesterday, for me to do all that I needed to do! So please accept my apology for missing my own celebration yesterday! I did not not miss a single one of the kind words! Thank You All one more time for helping me reach this milestone! And Happy New Smoke Free Year to all!    Tommy


One Hour to Two Years!!

Posted by pir8fan Dec 31, 2011

In about an hour I will have Two Smoke Free Years under my belt! Many of you know the story! I came here kicking and screaming and not wanting to quit! To this day, I feel I was forced to the decision by confiscatory taxes, and inflated insurance rates, and I resent that! But the results are good! I came here expecting a bunch of know-it-all types, who would want to tell me how to run my life! Instead I found a bunch of kind hearted people, who’s only goal was to help me quit! And help me they did!


It would be impossible for me to name all who were there for me! It is safe to say, that I have made some wonderful friends here! You will live in my heart as long as it continues to beat! To every friend that I have here, I want to say thank you! You have all played a role in my quit! You showed me what I eventually termed “Collateral Kindness”! You made my quit not only possible, but you made it impossible for me to fail!


One year ago, on New Years Eve, I vowed to drive the Train of Freedom thru 2011, and carry all to Freedom from the bondage of nicotine! Little did I know then, what a great thing that The Freedom Train would become! It has outgrown my wildest dream! I want to take a moment tonight to thank the Ladies who have stepped up to help me keep this dream alive! Maggie, LindaN, Marcie, Cyn, and Shill! Thank you all for your dedication and hard work!


Tonight, I offer no grand promises for the future! I can only promise that I will do all in my power to help those who come here to quit! New friends, and established ones, please know that I will be here for you! I will be right behind you if you need a push. I will out in front if you need someone to pull you through a rough spot! But mostly I will be right beside you! I will be there when you need a place to lean, and rest!. I will climb with you, the mountain of Freedom! I will hold your hand on the Freedom Train! And I will draw my greatest pleasure from watching your success! I will smile as I watch you reach back to bring others with you! There is a Smoke Free future for all, and together we can reach the top of the mountain!


So to all of you tonight, I send wishes for a Happy New Year! May we go forward together, and prosper!       Tommy

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