Good Morning All!!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Nov 14, 2011

I am home from my cruise and happy to report that the ship is still afloat! That is about the best part of the trip! The first night of our voyage a tropical storm developed. It developed pretty much on top of our ship! At about 4:00 monday morning we were lifted out of the ocean and thrown back down! Drawers and doors, were opening and closing! The first couple of days, I saw a lot of people get seasick! Including the crew!

I am sorry to say that our "private Island day" did not happen on Monday! The winds were too high for the tenders to come out and get us! So we got an extra day at sea! A very rough sea! Then St. Thomas. I saw a waterspout that morning! If the weather is bad enough to form tornados over the ocean, it is going to be a bad weather day! Thunderstorms and ligthning shutdown the sky ride, so I did not get to the top of the mountain for a margarita! San Juan the following day saw more heavy rain! I took a bus tour and learned a lot of history! The rain prevented exploring the oldest and largest fort in the new world! Grand Turk was nice and I finally got to get in the Caribbean Sea! Did some swimming and relaxing! That was the good day of the cruise! The casino stayed very busy(in part because of me)! At one point I thought that Lady Luck had sat down beside me! Turns out she was just a nice Lady from Nevada! I guess the only real luck that I had was not falling off the ship!

On Saturday, as I contemplated the mis-adventure the cruise had turned into, a new reality set in! I wonder what percentage of the worlds population gets the opportunity to take a cruise? How many people get to enjoy a trip where they are waited on hand and foot, and visit four different Islands in a week? How many folks never have that chance? I have been fortunate enough to go on a lot of cruises! 18 or 19. Sadly I have lost count! Maybe the thought does not appeal to you! However, if it is something you would like to do, not smoking 1 pack a day (at $5 a pack) for one year, will save you $1825. That will pay for a very nice 7 day cruise!

For now I am going to try to be more appreciative of all the good in my life! That includes being greatful for all of the wonderful people at this site, who make my life better! To all of you I advise: Don't smoke! Save that money! Take a cruise! Or doing something else good for you, and and yours! You have taken your life back! Now find a way to enjoy it more! Live in FREEDOM!                   Tommy!