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I smell smoke.......

Posted by pir8fan Nov 29, 2011

........I am sure that some sticks are being rubbed together, and, I suspect that a full-fleged Bonfire is going to breakout come Saturday! Stand-by for further announcements!

We now return you to your regularly scheduled day!


Late for Thanksgiving!

Posted by pir8fan Nov 26, 2011

I am sorry that my crazy work schedule has dominated me for the last few days! I hope that you all had a great Thanksgiving! I dug up this little poem from my blog last year to launch us in the Holiday season! Love to all! Smooches to some!

The turkey is carved, the sandwiches eaten, and the carcass is turned into soup!

We met with our kin, toasted all of our friends, and now we return to our group!

I wish everyone here, a season of cheer, and all the good things that can be!

Thru the holiday season, let's FOCUS on the reason, we all choose to be SMOKE FREE!

Tommy Piver


Spinning Dishes!

Posted by pir8fan Nov 22, 2011

Good morning all! I am sure you have all seen the guy at the circus, or on television, that spins the plates on the end of a stick! First one and then another, and another. He get an awful lot of plates up in the air, but by the time he starts the last one, the first one is wobbling dangerously. So he runs back and shakes the stick until it is spinning. But by then another is in peril of falling! Soon the guy is running feverently to try to keep any of the plates from falling! And, of course it one plate falls, they all do!

That is where my life is for the last week or so! I have a lot of crockery up in the air! And I am running from stick to stick to keep that first piece from falling! I am not posting this to ask for help shaking the sticks. I am not even looking for anyone to feel sorry for me! There is just an awful lot of you out there that I am not getting around to see, and leave messages for! I feel bad about that. I want you all to know that I do still care about you, very, very, much. Please forgive me, and know that I will get caught up soon! And, whatever you do, do not smoke over it!

Love to all! SMOOCHES to some!                                       Tommy


Thank you, and you, and you!

Posted by pir8fan Nov 17, 2011

Sheri pointed out this morning on the Freedom Train that Thanksgiving is only one week away! But, I can not wait a week to say what I am thinking! Today, and right now, I want to give Thanks to all of the calm voices of reason! I know that we are all having some struggles with the site changes! That is to be expected! We all want things to get better, but most of us want nothing to do with the "growing pains"! There are a select group of people here who are not only identifying the problems, but taking steps to help correct them! Some are working person to person with others, some are making Admin aware of what is good, and what is bad. Some are doing both! The important thing to see here is that these people are the glue that is holding this site together during some trying times!

All of you, and believe you can recognize yourselves here, I Thank you! All of the people here, including me, owe you an unending debt of gratitude. Keeping this lifeline of support open is an EXtremely important thing!

In the last couple of days I have had contact with a couple of people who found support here, and have since moved on! One had a quit of well over 600 days with the occasional help of the people here. That person left here because of philosophical differences! That person is now on day 9 of a new quit! I believe that the support here made the difference! I had e-mail contact this morning with one of our long time "serial quitters"! This person struggled here long before I ever arrived! During the year and a half I knew this person at this site there were, I believe, 4 different quits! So they smoked for abour 6 weeks during that year and a half! And they kept trying! Offended by the term "serial quitter" they left! Now the effort is gone. This person went from a "serial quitter" who smoked sometimes, to a smoker who smokes all the time! When they were here they had a chance! Without our support they are lost!

Some will say that neither of these people were commited enough! I believe that the members here at this site strengthen peoples commitment every day! I think that there are a lot of folks that were not commited enough,until they found "Collateral Kindness" here to strenghten their resolve! I believe that I am one of those! So today and last night as I messaged these friends, I was grateful for e-mail. My tears for my friends did not stain the pages of a computer screen!

So, one more time, I want to give Thanks to those of you who hold us together in times of trouble! You will never know how many lives you are saving! God Bless you everyone!                 Tommy

Good morning fellow Exer’s! As many of you know, I am just returning from a vacation, and can’t possibly express how much I missed you all! It is great to be at the controls of the Freedom Train one more time! That being said, it is going to be a fantastic day to ride the Train! If you are joining us for the first time, this is where we come together and celebrate the milestones of our friends! Come and help us with this celebration, just as we will celebrate your milestones with you!


It is the Ides of November! Two Years ago, on this date, a person who was destined to become one of the best friends that I have ever had, began “Hell Week”. She threw down her addiction and walked away! She came to this website, without fanfare, or drama and became one of the stalwarts of the “November to Remember” group! Ladies and Gentlemen, please rise with me and welcome my friend Sootie on board the Freedom Train as we celebrate TWO YEARS of Freedom for this wonderful Lady! This “Proud Mother” has endured her share of “Life”. However she recently sat down to dinner with her son, Chuck, who not only finished in the top 1% of the people who ran the NY City Marathon this year, but beat the times of 56 other top 1%er’s! Also at that table was her daughter, Amy, who has recently completed a different kind of marathon. I am happy to report that she has won that battle is deemed cancer free! Today my great friend Sootie is deemed to be Smoke Free! For Two Years! It is fitting that we help her celebrate on the Freedom Train today! Sootie, I love you! I am proud of you! And, I am proud that you allow me to call you my Friend! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


I approach next honoree on today’s Freedom Train with my hat in in my hand, and my head down! Spunkie, four days ago the Train missed honoring you! You, who have been here for so long, and brought so much wisdom and courage to so many! You passed the 900 Day milestone in silence! That was an injustice! The Freedom Train just missed you! Please come and celebrate with us today. And please forgive us for missing you! You are a valuable part of this community, and we appreciate you! 900 Days Smoke Free and Lovin’ it!


The next stop for the Freedom Train is in Kansas City! We are here to pick up Mike! Mike, who was in the beginning, was one of our frequent contributors, has reached the 300 Day point. I have not seen him around as much as I used to, but I know that he is here and Smoke Free. So, if you have some time today Mike, come and join the celebration! 300 Days! I can see that first year from here!


Ginko, 100 Days! Welcome to the Triple Digit Club! Those of us who have reached that milestone know what a wonderful feeling it is! Do something special for yourself today! However, I must caution, Keep your Focus! Sometime when you reach this goal, it is hard to see the next one! You are doing great! Now come and celebrate!


Owlfeather! Come and join us join the Train today! You have reached the 50 Day milestone as well! All of your friends are waiting here for you! Keep your Focus! You are doing quite well!


Joann in New York! The Freedom Train is here for you! You have you reached you first milestone that the Train recognizes! 50 Days of Freedom!!! Today you get to celebrate with some fantastic people! But, do not be intimidated! You are one of us! So grab your prettiest party dress and come celebrate with us!


The3rdex, also joined us 50 Days ago! It is not clear if this member is still with us! However we are going to celebrate anyway! 3rdex! If you are here come and join us!! It is party time!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the Evils of tobacco and smoking!!




Good Morning All!!

Posted by pir8fan Nov 14, 2011

I am home from my cruise and happy to report that the ship is still afloat! That is about the best part of the trip! The first night of our voyage a tropical storm developed. It developed pretty much on top of our ship! At about 4:00 monday morning we were lifted out of the ocean and thrown back down! Drawers and doors, were opening and closing! The first couple of days, I saw a lot of people get seasick! Including the crew!

I am sorry to say that our "private Island day" did not happen on Monday! The winds were too high for the tenders to come out and get us! So we got an extra day at sea! A very rough sea! Then St. Thomas. I saw a waterspout that morning! If the weather is bad enough to form tornados over the ocean, it is going to be a bad weather day! Thunderstorms and ligthning shutdown the sky ride, so I did not get to the top of the mountain for a margarita! San Juan the following day saw more heavy rain! I took a bus tour and learned a lot of history! The rain prevented exploring the oldest and largest fort in the new world! Grand Turk was nice and I finally got to get in the Caribbean Sea! Did some swimming and relaxing! That was the good day of the cruise! The casino stayed very busy(in part because of me)! At one point I thought that Lady Luck had sat down beside me! Turns out she was just a nice Lady from Nevada! I guess the only real luck that I had was not falling off the ship!

On Saturday, as I contemplated the mis-adventure the cruise had turned into, a new reality set in! I wonder what percentage of the worlds population gets the opportunity to take a cruise? How many people get to enjoy a trip where they are waited on hand and foot, and visit four different Islands in a week? How many folks never have that chance? I have been fortunate enough to go on a lot of cruises! 18 or 19. Sadly I have lost count! Maybe the thought does not appeal to you! However, if it is something you would like to do, not smoking 1 pack a day (at $5 a pack) for one year, will save you $1825. That will pay for a very nice 7 day cruise!

For now I am going to try to be more appreciative of all the good in my life! That includes being greatful for all of the wonderful people at this site, who make my life better! To all of you I advise: Don't smoke! Save that money! Take a cruise! Or doing something else good for you, and and yours! You have taken your life back! Now find a way to enjoy it more! Live in FREEDOM!                   Tommy!


I am going away........

Posted by pir8fan Nov 6, 2011

....on a 7 night cruise! I hope that I can survive that long without you! I have not been away from you for this long since I first found this place nearly two years ago!

I will be sailing the Eastern Caribbean! Stops include the cruise lines Private Island(The best day of the cruise), St. Thomas(one of my favorie places, and home of the best Frozen Margaritas I have ever tasted)! San Juan and Grand Turk(Another of my favorites)! I am glad to get the break! I need it and feel like I deserve it!

I want you all to know how much I will miss you! While I will, of couse, be turning an eye to those scantily clad ladies that are to be found in that environment, I will not lose sight of the fact that the true beauty in my life is found with-in the compassion and caring of you, here at this site! Besides, I have reached an age where I have discovered that most ladies look better with their clothes on!

A dear Friend from the beginning of my quit (JACKIE) has returned to our home of "Collateral Kindness"! Please EXtend a hand of kindness to her, and help her, at least until I get back!

Be kind to each other! I do not want to miss any rucki, so keep the bickering to a minimum please!

Love to all of you!                  Tommy

.......The addition of  our newest Conductoress! A brand new set of keys to the Freedom Train has been handed to Shill57957(Sheri)! This young Lady needs no introduction in this community! You see her every morning spreading joy to us all! She exemplifies the attitude of the Train, that we should celebrate our milestone, both large and small, everyday!

So, I am asking all of you to join us at Freedom Train Inc., in welcoming Sheri to our daily effort to help you better appreciate yourselves, your fellow EXer's and your quits!

This Train continues to be bound for Freedom from that evils of tobacco! And now Sheri is helping us get there!


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