Blog Post created by pir8fan on Sep 24, 2011

I agree that it is time for another bonfire! A posthumous thank you to Ray(Man of Steele)Steele for introducing this fantastic idea here! I think we should take a week to advertise to all of our members and schedule it for next Saturday!   I am not sure of the details of my work schedule next Saturday! I am honored to be ask to Host, and I will, if there is no scheduling conflict! Thank you to those who have nominated (or drafted) me! If there is an issue with schedule I will invite someone else to handle that Hosting duties!

As usual all of the resources of Freedom Train Inc. will be made available for this event! That includes: The Freedom Train that will make a special run to bring everyone to Naples, The Freedom Limo for V.I.P.'s, The Freedom Dump Truck for bringing large quanities of unsmoked cigarettes, The Freedom Medi-vac Helicopter is anyone need to get here from the hospital, The Freedom Plane for anyone who needs to cross an ocean to meet the Train! The Freedom Cruise Liner will also be available for those who would prefer that mode of transportation! It will dock in Miami, and the newly aquired Freedom Bus Line will provide transportation to Naples!

Everyone spread the word every day! Lets make this the biggest bonfire ever! I welcome any imput or suggestions! Love to all! Tommy