Blog Post created by pir8fan on Sep 10, 2011

Good morning fellow EXer’s! I have not had a chance to say that lately! It is good to feel the throttle of the Freedom Train beneath my hand once more! I intend to be here for today and tomorrow! I want to welcome everyone aboard today! I also want to thank Maggie, LindaN and Marcie for the fantastic job they are doing here! As Peggy said the other day, this Train will always be my baby. I am just incredibly happy and lucky to have such wonderful mothers adopt it!

 Today is an unusual day here and it is therefore going to be a special day! There are no milestones listed in the conductor’s notes today! So instead of the celebration of milestones that we normally have here, today I am going to talk for a moment about a very special person here in our community! Afterward I am going to ask each of you to come aboard, give her a kiss, and then tell us about someone here that is Special to you! Who has made this journey better for you!

 The Lady that I would like to give my “Special” title to today is Kellie! If you are new here, and do not know Kellie, you should go and meet her! Kellie has a quit that is 2 Years and 98 Days old. Kellie was forced into her quit because of health issues related to smoking! Every day we come to the Train and celebrate the Freedom we have found from smoking! Kellie comes and chronicles, in a most candid way, the losses of Freedom that she has suffered because of smoking! She holds a mirror in front of our faces and implores us to look at ourselves! See how we may have dodged the bullet! Warns of what can happen! See her blog at: http://asiliveandbreathe-kellie.blogspot.com/! When you have doubts about your quit! This young Lady will provide you with the incentive to carry on! This Lady has faced hell here on earth! She has spit in the face of the devil and carries on! She refuses to give up, and spends her valuable time teaching us what dignity and class look like!

 Today I would like to invite Kellie to come aboard the Freedom Train! Take a seat of honor dear Lady! If you feel up to dancing, may I have the first one! I will hold your oxygen tank, and kiss you in spite of your cannula! You are one beautiful Lady! I love you Kellie!

 Now everyone, come aboard the Train and bring your Special Person with you! Today will be a SPECIAL day on the Freedom Train!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the Evils of tobacco and smoking!!