Unintended Consequences!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Sep 8, 2011

"I hear tell, the road to hell, is paved with good intentions" (Thanks Randy Travis)! We all do things sometimes with the best of intentions! Sometimes those things backfire! We all make mistakes. The lucky ones among us have friends who will forgive, and forget! So let it be with all of us! Laura and I have talked! We have discussed the unfortunate incidents that have taken a lot of focus away from the true purpose of this site, and yes, the Freedom Train! We are both very sorry for the distractions! We have agreed that this should be buried and never exhumed! She has renewed her request for me to marry her! I am not sending out any "Save The Date" notices at this point! However, it is fair to say that we are no further apart than we were a week ago!

Please join me in welcoming Laura back into the fold! We need to help her with her quit! We need to give her the opportunity to help herself by helping others! That is "Collateral Kindness"!

Thank you all for being part of this great community!                           Tommy