After the first 4 weeks.......

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Sep 9, 2011

things seem to change! There is much talk about No-(Wo)Mans-Land! The time between day 30 and 130! I do not deny this land EXist, but I have a theory that is worth consideration as well!

I know that we enter a dangerous period after the first 4 weeks of a quit! While many people come here for the wonderful support that the members here EXtend to each other, some also enjoy support among their family and friends! In many cases the family and friends have never been smokers! It is unfortunate that their support wanes! It is not because they do not care. It is because they do not understand! In their eyes you quit for a few weeks and you are done! This, we all know is not the case! Walking away from this addiction is a life change that never totally ends! It does get easier. Much easier!

Most smoking cessation programs gauge their success on the percentage of people who are still smoke free during weeks 9 thru 12! Therefore days 64 thur 84 are crucial! But first, you have to get there! I have theorized in the past that the nicodemon may lay eggs in your brain that hatch during this period! While I still believe there may be something to that, I know that there is a bigger underlying reason! It is support! Plain and simple! You are learning to live you life without smoking! It is imperitave that you have role models to follow! You must be able to see examples of success! So many "live" at this site during the first part of their quit! Then at the time when they need us most they drift away! Please, please, do not fall into this trap!

You have come here and shared your romance with your quit! The early days, where every day is a victory, and an accomplishment that you are proud of! The sheer joy of success, one day at the time. 4 weeks of fighting, and winning! Now where is your reward? Can you smoke just one now? The answer is NO! WE DON"T DO THAT ANYMORE!! Your reward is your "New Normal"! Go and buy yourself a tangible reward, as a symbol of your success! Then sit down at the keyboard! Buckle up, and get ready for the next 8 weeks!

For the most part, the first 4 weeks have been all about you, and what it has taken to stay quit! The next 8 weeks your focus should be helping others! Yep! "Collateral Kindness"! Begin helping yourself by helping others! What a way to quit! What a way to live! When you take others to the top of the mountain, you find yourself there with them! Turn your focus to someone else! It is impossible to smoke while you are showing someone else how not to smoke! Are you going to have weak moments? Yes, you are! But "Collateral Kindness" will carry you past them! Not your "Collateral Kindness" but ours! There are a bunch of us here still practicing it! We are here for you! And you are here for those that come behind you! As we layer gereration after generation of quitters, one after another, we become an even greater community! We become stronger, and stronger! And you are a part of that strength! Be proud my Friends! Be proud of yourself, and be proud of what we can all do together! You are an Exer! No one can take that away from you! EXcept yourself!                              Tommy