Dear Laura,

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Sep 7, 2011

It is clear to me that this is not ending well! I wrote you a PM and apologized for hurting you, soon after writting the blog! I stated then, that I would understand if you choose not to forgive me! Now instead of a PM I am apologizing in a more public way! Understand please that I am sorry that I hurt you! I am not sorry that I defended the integrity of the Train! And I will not apologize for that! As I said that night, Almost anything is OK in moderation! 

You should by all means stay at the site! There are a great bunch of people here. They will help you with your quit! You have much to offer others in their quits as well! However the Focus of the site is, and should be about breaking the chains that have bound us to cigarettes! When the number of alcohol related post exceded the number of post congratulating our fellow EX's who have reached milestones, that was wrong, and I felt a need to address it publicly! When Beefcake photos become excessive and offensive that is also wrong! In case you have not noticed, they are gone, I had nothing to do with that! Admin made that call! If pictures of food excede the number of congrats, that needs to be toned down as well! Although food pictures usually contain comments of congratulations, and are rarely offensive!!

At any rate here is a very public apology! Laura, I am sorry that I hurt you! Now it is up to you! Accept it, or decline it! Stay or go! Your call! But it is time to put this drama to bed!                  Tommy