Need A Nice Way To Say "I AM PISSED"!!!!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Sep 5, 2011

I need to hear from you! All of you! I have never been accused of being a prude, and I doubt that I ever will be! But I am fed up!

 On January 25 of this year The Freedom Train made its maiden voyage! The idea was to provide a vehicle for people to come and celebrate their milestones, and the milestones of their friends and family here in this community! The plan was to provide extra incentive and motivation for all of us! I am firm in my belief that the Train is a good thing, and has done a lot for those who came to ride! I love the idea of the Train continuing to run long after my days here are over! What I will not tolerate is the Train being hi-jacked and run into the ground!

 We have come aboard the Train for the past 8 months, and celebrated ourselves with food. and beverage, and heartfelt congratulations for each other! And even a little music! We have laughed together and cried together. And we have shared “Collateral Kindness”! We have indeed helped ourselves by helping others! And it has been good!

 Tonight after being absent for a while, I returned to a Train that I do not recognize! There were, at last count, 113 comments on the Train! 33 of these contained some form of celebration of people and their quits! The other 80 were about some form of debauchery! This Train was put on the tracks to Freedom neither as a celebration of alcohol nor as a vehicle for soft ****! I am offended by what I see! So, I need to hear from you, as to what you want! If this is what you want you can have it! BUT! This is not a representation of who I am! I do not believe it represents, Maggie, LindaN or Marcie! So if you want me to continue with my efforts to help celebrate the Freedom from tobacco that we have found here, I need to hear from you! I am confident that my fellow Conductors join me in this censure of activity! But they are free to speak for themselves! I feel a need to apologize to the new people who were invited to ride this Train to Freedom. This Train is bound for Freedom from the evils of smoking. It is not a vehicle that should free people from a sense of morality and decency!

 What are your thoughts?  I am your humble Conductor/Engineer,      Tommy