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It must be my Quit!

Posted by pir8fan Sep 29, 2011

I have been fighting off some pain and swelling in the right side of my neck since Sunday! This morning at 4:30 the the pain woke me up, and refused to be ignored any more! I finally got in to see my Doctor this afternoon! She did a strep test and was surprised how qiuckly it reacted! Soooo, I have strep-throat! No big deal! Anti-biotics for a week and anti-social for two days! But the question remained, where did this come from? then I came home and saw my quit clock on my page and realized that I have not had a cigarette in 636 days! That has got to be it! I have been reading everyone else's blogs and realize all the problem that are caused by our quits.............................................. Wait a minute! I had strep-throat a few times when I was still smoking! All of the other things that have not been good since I quit are not new either! When I caught that cold, that was not my quit! I had colds when I was smoking too!

It is just life happening! We will all have thing that go bad in our lives! The nicodemon will tell us that the quit is responsible! Do not listen to that little     bast  jerk! He is trying to steal your quit! He is trying to steal your life! Do not let him get into your head! Your quit is not causing physical problem! It is giving you your life back! Keep your Focus!! Never lose your Determination! And send chicken soup!

Good Morning Fellow EXer's! The Freedom Train and its staff are very proud to announce the addition of a new Conductoress! I can not introduce her, because you all know her already! Therefore it gives me great pleasure to present to you, Cyn! Yes Cyn has agreed to join us in our effort to make sure that everyones milestones are celebrated! You are all aware, I am sure, of Cyn's wit, and humor, and abilty to find great graphics! So, if you would everyone, please help me welcome Cyn to The Freedom Train! Step aboard Young Lady and accept you key! WOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Just a reminder! The Freedom Train celebrates milestone for all! If we miss one of yours, please let us know! Everyone is welcome to ride the Train everyday! The only ticket required is the desire to breathe Free! If you are carrying extra baggage in your life, bring it with you! There is no baggage fee, and we will help you sort it out!

Milestone are generally celebrated the day after you have achieved them! When you have that many days behind you! Celebrations are held for:

50 Days!

100 Days = Triple Digit Club!   And multiples thereof

1 Year  And multiples thereof!


Proclamation of Emancipation!

Posted by pir8fan Sep 28, 2011

Since 01/01/1863 all persons held in slavery in the United States have been deemed "forever free"!

"That on the first day of January, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, all persons held as slaves within any State or designated part of a State, the people whereof shall then be in rebellion against the United States, shall be then, thenceforward, and forever free; and the Executive Government of the United States, including the military and naval authority thereof, will recognize and maintain the freedom of such persons, and will do no act or acts to repress such persons, or any of them, in any efforts they may make for their actual freedom."

I Invite all to come together today and proclaim you own emancipation from the slavery you have been held in!

No longer will the bondage of tobacco and nicotine dictate the actions of your day! No longer will you miss out on the good things in life, because you were a slave to addiction! No more will you hide in shame, and embarassment, as you pay homage to the slave master!

I have long since proclaimed my FREEDOM! Join me today and LIVE FREE!!! FOREVER FREE!!!     Tommy


The 4 Stages of a Quit!

Posted by pir8fan Sep 25, 2011

               The 4 Stages of a QUIT(As I See It)


#1. Unconscious Incompetence! This is the beginning of your quit! You have no idea what your addiction is all about, or how to overcome it! At this point you depend on your enthusiasm, and pride to get you through!

#2. Conscious Incompetence! Now you are starting to understand the magnitude of the task you are undertaking! But you still don't know if you can do it! The people in your life, who have never smoked, have dropped their support because they no longer believe that you need it! It is a time when we lose many of our newbies. For the ones that stay, this is the time that you begin to understand the importance of you friends here! We will help you maintain your enthusiam! We will remind you to be proud!

#3. Conscious Competence! You are past the hardest part! You understand what it takes to maintain your commitment! You see yourself as a non-smoker! You have a grasp of the importance of 'Collateral Kindness"! You appreciate the fact that you can indeed help yourself by helping others!

#4. Unconscious Competence! You have this! You do not even have to think about it anymore! You are a non-smoker for life! You have reached a point where nothing would make you smoke even one cigarette! Your pride is at its highest point! Some of you will hang around here to watch, and help others to the mountaintop where you reside!

Many quitters will spend a long, long time vacillating between Stage #2 and Stage #3! Set your goal for completing all 4 Stages! Once you reach Stage #4, you will see all of the rewards that you have been expecting from your quit! Welcome to the Mountain Top! The view is awesome!!! My name is Tommy, and I will help you get up here!



Posted by pir8fan Sep 24, 2011

I agree that it is time for another bonfire! A posthumous thank you to Ray(Man of Steele)Steele for introducing this fantastic idea here! I think we should take a week to advertise to all of our members and schedule it for next Saturday!   I am not sure of the details of my work schedule next Saturday! I am honored to be ask to Host, and I will, if there is no scheduling conflict! Thank you to those who have nominated (or drafted) me! If there is an issue with schedule I will invite someone else to handle that Hosting duties!

As usual all of the resources of Freedom Train Inc. will be made available for this event! That includes: The Freedom Train that will make a special run to bring everyone to Naples, The Freedom Limo for V.I.P.'s, The Freedom Dump Truck for bringing large quanities of unsmoked cigarettes, The Freedom Medi-vac Helicopter is anyone need to get here from the hospital, The Freedom Plane for anyone who needs to cross an ocean to meet the Train! The Freedom Cruise Liner will also be available for those who would prefer that mode of transportation! It will dock in Miami, and the newly aquired Freedom Bus Line will provide transportation to Naples!

Everyone spread the word every day! Lets make this the biggest bonfire ever! I welcome any imput or suggestions! Love to all! Tommy


Message Board Miscues!

Posted by pir8fan Sep 21, 2011

There have been a couple of time recently where peoples message boards have disappeared! This is not being done by anyone with malicious intent! It seem that there is one, or more graphics sites out there that are incompatable with our message boards!

Soooooo, If your message board disappears, go to your message board by linking from an e-mail! Delete graphics until your message board comes back! Then notifly the person that sent the offending graphic(In a nice way) that they are using a bad place to get said graphics! No need to be angry or upset. This is merely a by-product of the advanced technology that we have!

It you are a person that sends graphics, before you send them to muliple pages, test it on a friends page! If their message board goes away, send them a PM and let them know what happened!

This is not a major disaster! But I have to admit I looked around for the "Panic Button" myself when it first happened to me! Fortunately, I did not push it! Be kind to one another! Save all your anger, and frustration, for the next Ruckus!

This message was brought to you without commercial interuption by: The Freedom Train! "IF YOU ARE NOT RIDING WITH US, YOU ARE MISSING THE TRAIN"                        Tommy

There are a lot of new people here, and this is also a reminder for those who may have forgotten! Always remember your lifelines!

If you should have a serious craving use your lifelines before you smoke!

#1. Ask The Audience! Come here and tell us that you are in danger, and why! Wait 15 minutes for us to respond! Give us that opportunity to help you! That is why we are here!

#2. Phone A Friend! Befriend someone here that you feel you can trust! Exchange phone numbers with that person! If you are in a situation that you can not handle on your own, call that person!

#3. 50/50! Make two list! The first list should be all the reasons you should not smoke! The second list should be all the reasons you should smoke! Now take the second list and mark out alll the "Excuses" to smoke! Excuses and reasons are two very different things! If there is anything left on the second list let me know! Keep your first list handy. Read it if any of the "excuses" try to steal your quit!

This message was brought to by: The Freedom Train! "IF YOU ARE NOT RIDING WITH US, YOU ARE MISSING THE TRAIN"                         Tommy

Good morning fellow EXer's! The Freedom Train is all fueled up and ready to roll! Some of my favorite people are riding today so I will skip the usual pontification and get right to work!

The first stop for the Freedom train today is in the town of Fellsmere, Florida! This where my Dear Sweet Friend Dawn calls home these days! Dawn has 2 Smoke Free Years behind her today! How Kewl is that! Dawn was among the first to welcome me, when I arrived here. She corrected my spelling, and even taught me how to spell WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO! We once tried to plan a Florida Quitters get together! We met for dinner, and even though we were never able to spark an interest among Florida's EXer's, It was a perfect evening, and we formed a friendship that has grown stronger and stronger! We are going to have to wait here for a little while! Dawn is at dialysis this morning. I have, however, dispatched the Freedom Limo to pick her up and bring her directly to the Train as soon as she is done! Dawn is carring more than her share of lifes woes these days, and I ask that you keep her and her family in your prayers! Please help her put those on the back burner today! Help me celebrate the 2 Year Smoke Free Anniversary of one of the best Friends that a person can have! Love you Dawn!

The next stop for the Train this morning is in San Jose! It is another of the people who hold a special place in my heart! Lewis65(Gretchen) Wake up Sweet Lady there is Train out here to get you! Gretchen walked away from her addiction 600 Days ago! She is a remarkable Lady who became an EX with no pomp and circumstance! She made a commitment to quit on Jan 25, 2010. Now for 600 Consecutive Days she has honored her word to herself! Get you prettiest party dress Honey! It is going to be a great day on the Freedom Train!!

The next stop is in the Chicago area! We are seeking royalty! Princess Ruby! You have 200 Days today! I know you have had your hands full and have not been here lately, but we have not forgotten you! Take a little time if you can and come celebrate with us!

The next stop is in Tennessee where Momof4 is also reaching the 200 Day mark! Put the work of a mom aside and join us on the Train as we celebrate your 200 Days! In the words of Dawn: WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOO!

The last stop is to pick Barbara! Our friend Barbara is celebrating her first milestone on the Freedom Train! Congrats on the first 50 Days of you new and Improved Smoke Free Life! Now lets get this party started!!!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the Evils of tobacco and smoking!!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!                Tommy

Look! There is Dawn in the limo!




The Freedom Train 09/16/11

Posted by pir8fan Sep 16, 2011

Good Morning Fellow EXer's! The Freedom Train is about to begin it's daily run to Freedom from tobacco! Before we start, I would like to remind everyone that Hope does not feed the bulldog! Neither does it kill the addiction! I have seen a lot of comments lately, like,"I hope I can do this" or "I hope this is my last pack" or "I hope this is my last cigarette" For all of your sakes I hope you do well! I also hope I win the lottery! In order for that to happen I have to buy a ticket! Therefore I have to make a concious decision to go to a store that sells those tickets. I have to commit the money to by the ticket! Once I do that there is no turning back! I am here to tell you this morning that if you Hope to quit, you have to make the same kind of commitment. And once you make that commitment, realize there is no turning back! Not One Puff Ever! Turn your Hope to N.O.P.E.

The Freedom Train is starting out this morning in Canada! We are here to pick-up Mothergoose69(Connie). Connie has a frequent riders pass! Just 10 Days ago She was in a seat of honor for completing her first 6 years! Today she is back because she has 2200 Days! She has taken her quit one day at at time for 2200 Consecutive Days! Connie also offers you one of the most powerful lines that I ever read here! I will now akwardly mis-quote her! "If you have just one, you will be back where you started! Where you started was wishing you were where you are now!" Congrats Sweet Friend 2200 days is awesome! Grab your prettiest party drees! And save the first dance for me!

The next stop for the Freedom Train is in Missouri! Dezw84 has 400 Smoke Free Days in the rearview mirror! This young Lady is an Army wife! I want to thank her and her spouse for their service to our country! She has two young girls for whom she is setting a wonderful example! Dewz84(sorry I do not know your name) Come and join us on the Fredom Train today! 400 Days!!WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO!

The last stop for the Train this morning is in New York where we are picking up Ex-Kel! She has her first 50 Smoke Free Days behind her! No if's and's or Butt's! Come and celebrate your first milestone on the Freedom Train with us today Ex-Kel! You are on the right track!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the Evils of tobacco and smoking!!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!                      Tommy


Prayers Please!

Posted by pir8fan Sep 12, 2011

Dawns cousin, Michael passed away today! Please send up prayers for his mother, Avis, and for Dawn, and her sister Holly, who remains comatose, and her entire family who are being so sorely tested!

Please watch this! It does not end when you think it does! Turn up your volume and listen to TWO songs! It is worth the 7 minutes it takes! I promise! God Bless America!

Good morning fellow EXer’s! This morning before the Freedom Train begins its run to Freedom from the bondage of tobacco, I cannot help but comment on the anniversary that we acknowledge today!

  Ten years ago today, a brainwashed group of radicals got up and hi-jacked America! They hi-jacked passenger jets, and flew them in to the Twin Towers, the Pentagon , and due to some brave people, who realized that they were going to die either way, into the ground in Pennsylvania! Some would say they hi-jacked a religion. I will leave you to your own thoughts on that one! They hi-jacked our security! They hi-jacked our very Freedom from fear! They hi-jacked our innocence!

 From this event America came together as one. For one brief hiccup in time we spoke with one voice! We proclaimed that we would “Never Forget” This morning as I hear what I call “The Roll Call Of The Dead”, I wonder how many of us have kept that pledge! This is not an event that should be remembered once a year! This event changed the very fiber of Freedom! This event not only affects you when you go to the airport! This event has changed the face of our country!  Let us keep our pledge to “Never Forget”.  As we approach our next political season, let us pay less attention to those who promise to micro-manage our economy and our entitlements! Let us look to those who will protect our Freedom and get out of the way of American exceptionalism! Return to us our Freedom and watch America shine! We can rise again with one voice! Let that voice proclaim “We Will Never Forget”!  “Never  Forget” the innocent. People who died for no greater reason than the fact they were Americans! “Never Forget” the first responders, who ran into places that everyone else ran out of!” Never Forget” the unsung heroes who did not get out, because they were helping others! God, Please Bless America!

 This morning the Freedom Train will make its first stop in Florida! This young Lady has 50 Smoke Free Days behind her! I, for one am very happy to welcome Kaylie here! At the young age of 20 she represents the fact that young people recognize the need to break the chain of addiction! I hope she will carry the message to her peers. The message that you can quit! And there are caring people out here, who will give you the tools and the knowledge to do it, without judging you! Congrats Kaylie, on the first 50 Days of your New and Improved Smoke Free Life!

 The next stop is to pick up Curt(ckpoe) in Chicago! Curt Also has 50 Smoke Free Days behind him! He recognizes that he is in a fight for his very life! While we have not heard from Curt for about 20 days the Train is going to search Chicago until we find him! So Curt come on out and get on the Train! The celebration is about to start!

 This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the Evils of tobacco and smoking!!





This is Awesome!

Posted by pir8fan Sep 10, 2011

Please watch this! It does not end when you think it does! Turn up your volume and listen to TWO songs! It is worth the 7 minutes it takes! I promise!  God Bless America!

Good morning fellow EXer’s! I have not had a chance to say that lately! It is good to feel the throttle of the Freedom Train beneath my hand once more! I intend to be here for today and tomorrow! I want to welcome everyone aboard today! I also want to thank Maggie, LindaN and Marcie for the fantastic job they are doing here! As Peggy said the other day, this Train will always be my baby. I am just incredibly happy and lucky to have such wonderful mothers adopt it!

 Today is an unusual day here and it is therefore going to be a special day! There are no milestones listed in the conductor’s notes today! So instead of the celebration of milestones that we normally have here, today I am going to talk for a moment about a very special person here in our community! Afterward I am going to ask each of you to come aboard, give her a kiss, and then tell us about someone here that is Special to you! Who has made this journey better for you!

 The Lady that I would like to give my “Special” title to today is Kellie! If you are new here, and do not know Kellie, you should go and meet her! Kellie has a quit that is 2 Years and 98 Days old. Kellie was forced into her quit because of health issues related to smoking! Every day we come to the Train and celebrate the Freedom we have found from smoking! Kellie comes and chronicles, in a most candid way, the losses of Freedom that she has suffered because of smoking! She holds a mirror in front of our faces and implores us to look at ourselves! See how we may have dodged the bullet! Warns of what can happen! See her blog at:! When you have doubts about your quit! This young Lady will provide you with the incentive to carry on! This Lady has faced hell here on earth! She has spit in the face of the devil and carries on! She refuses to give up, and spends her valuable time teaching us what dignity and class look like!

 Today I would like to invite Kellie to come aboard the Freedom Train! Take a seat of honor dear Lady! If you feel up to dancing, may I have the first one! I will hold your oxygen tank, and kiss you in spite of your cannula! You are one beautiful Lady! I love you Kellie!

 Now everyone, come aboard the Train and bring your Special Person with you! Today will be a SPECIAL day on the Freedom Train!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the Evils of tobacco and smoking!!



things seem to change! There is much talk about No-(Wo)Mans-Land! The time between day 30 and 130! I do not deny this land EXist, but I have a theory that is worth consideration as well!

I know that we enter a dangerous period after the first 4 weeks of a quit! While many people come here for the wonderful support that the members here EXtend to each other, some also enjoy support among their family and friends! In many cases the family and friends have never been smokers! It is unfortunate that their support wanes! It is not because they do not care. It is because they do not understand! In their eyes you quit for a few weeks and you are done! This, we all know is not the case! Walking away from this addiction is a life change that never totally ends! It does get easier. Much easier!

Most smoking cessation programs gauge their success on the percentage of people who are still smoke free during weeks 9 thru 12! Therefore days 64 thur 84 are crucial! But first, you have to get there! I have theorized in the past that the nicodemon may lay eggs in your brain that hatch during this period! While I still believe there may be something to that, I know that there is a bigger underlying reason! It is support! Plain and simple! You are learning to live you life without smoking! It is imperitave that you have role models to follow! You must be able to see examples of success! So many "live" at this site during the first part of their quit! Then at the time when they need us most they drift away! Please, please, do not fall into this trap!

You have come here and shared your romance with your quit! The early days, where every day is a victory, and an accomplishment that you are proud of! The sheer joy of success, one day at the time. 4 weeks of fighting, and winning! Now where is your reward? Can you smoke just one now? The answer is NO! WE DON"T DO THAT ANYMORE!! Your reward is your "New Normal"! Go and buy yourself a tangible reward, as a symbol of your success! Then sit down at the keyboard! Buckle up, and get ready for the next 8 weeks!

For the most part, the first 4 weeks have been all about you, and what it has taken to stay quit! The next 8 weeks your focus should be helping others! Yep! "Collateral Kindness"! Begin helping yourself by helping others! What a way to quit! What a way to live! When you take others to the top of the mountain, you find yourself there with them! Turn your focus to someone else! It is impossible to smoke while you are showing someone else how not to smoke! Are you going to have weak moments? Yes, you are! But "Collateral Kindness" will carry you past them! Not your "Collateral Kindness" but ours! There are a bunch of us here still practicing it! We are here for you! And you are here for those that come behind you! As we layer gereration after generation of quitters, one after another, we become an even greater community! We become stronger, and stronger! And you are a part of that strength! Be proud my Friends! Be proud of yourself, and be proud of what we can all do together! You are an Exer! No one can take that away from you! EXcept yourself!                              Tommy


Unintended Consequences!

Posted by pir8fan Sep 8, 2011

"I hear tell, the road to hell, is paved with good intentions" (Thanks Randy Travis)! We all do things sometimes with the best of intentions! Sometimes those things backfire! We all make mistakes. The lucky ones among us have friends who will forgive, and forget! So let it be with all of us! Laura and I have talked! We have discussed the unfortunate incidents that have taken a lot of focus away from the true purpose of this site, and yes, the Freedom Train! We are both very sorry for the distractions! We have agreed that this should be buried and never exhumed! She has renewed her request for me to marry her! I am not sending out any "Save The Date" notices at this point! However, it is fair to say that we are no further apart than we were a week ago!

Please join me in welcoming Laura back into the fold! We need to help her with her quit! We need to give her the opportunity to help herself by helping others! That is "Collateral Kindness"!

Thank you all for being part of this great community!                           Tommy


Dear Laura,

Posted by pir8fan Sep 7, 2011

It is clear to me that this is not ending well! I wrote you a PM and apologized for hurting you, soon after writting the blog! I stated then, that I would understand if you choose not to forgive me! Now instead of a PM I am apologizing in a more public way! Understand please that I am sorry that I hurt you! I am not sorry that I defended the integrity of the Train! And I will not apologize for that! As I said that night, Almost anything is OK in moderation! 

You should by all means stay at the site! There are a great bunch of people here. They will help you with your quit! You have much to offer others in their quits as well! However the Focus of the site is, and should be about breaking the chains that have bound us to cigarettes! When the number of alcohol related post exceded the number of post congratulating our fellow EX's who have reached milestones, that was wrong, and I felt a need to address it publicly! When Beefcake photos become excessive and offensive that is also wrong! In case you have not noticed, they are gone, I had nothing to do with that! Admin made that call! If pictures of food excede the number of congrats, that needs to be toned down as well! Although food pictures usually contain comments of congratulations, and are rarely offensive!!

At any rate here is a very public apology! Laura, I am sorry that I hurt you! Now it is up to you! Accept it, or decline it! Stay or go! Your call! But it is time to put this drama to bed!                  Tommy

I need to hear from you! All of you! I have never been accused of being a prude, and I doubt that I ever will be! But I am fed up!

 On January 25 of this year The Freedom Train made its maiden voyage! The idea was to provide a vehicle for people to come and celebrate their milestones, and the milestones of their friends and family here in this community! The plan was to provide extra incentive and motivation for all of us! I am firm in my belief that the Train is a good thing, and has done a lot for those who came to ride! I love the idea of the Train continuing to run long after my days here are over! What I will not tolerate is the Train being hi-jacked and run into the ground!

 We have come aboard the Train for the past 8 months, and celebrated ourselves with food. and beverage, and heartfelt congratulations for each other! And even a little music! We have laughed together and cried together. And we have shared “Collateral Kindness”! We have indeed helped ourselves by helping others! And it has been good!

 Tonight after being absent for a while, I returned to a Train that I do not recognize! There were, at last count, 113 comments on the Train! 33 of these contained some form of celebration of people and their quits! The other 80 were about some form of debauchery! This Train was put on the tracks to Freedom neither as a celebration of alcohol nor as a vehicle for soft ****! I am offended by what I see! So, I need to hear from you, as to what you want! If this is what you want you can have it! BUT! This is not a representation of who I am! I do not believe it represents, Maggie, LindaN or Marcie! So if you want me to continue with my efforts to help celebrate the Freedom from tobacco that we have found here, I need to hear from you! I am confident that my fellow Conductors join me in this censure of activity! But they are free to speak for themselves! I feel a need to apologize to the new people who were invited to ride this Train to Freedom. This Train is bound for Freedom from the evils of smoking. It is not a vehicle that should free people from a sense of morality and decency!

 What are your thoughts?  I am your humble Conductor/Engineer,      Tommy

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