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I have ask you all in the past to pray for our Dear Sweet Friend Dawn! Tonight I am asking you all to rasie your hearts and voices in prayer for Dawn's sister Holly! Holly is hospitalized and in a coma! The details that I have are very slim at this point! I only know that from meeting Holly that she is a wonderful Human Being! Her condition is Grave! There is a fear that only God can bring her back from where she is! Dawn could also be in surgery tomorrow for complications of her condition!

Please, please everyone start the knee mail for this wonderful family! Many of you are Mothers! I am sure you can grasp the nightmare that Dawn's mother is living Please include her in your prayers as well! Thank you all! Again and again!

I am seeing a number of people here who having a hard time! I think a part of this is Focus! You have all heard me say "Keep your FOCUS!! Never lose your DETERMINATION!!" I say that for a reason! The nicodemon will try to distract you! If he succeeds, he got a good shot of saving himself! At your expense!

There are people here everyday looking back at what they did yesterday, or even further in the past! Yesterday is over! Whether it was good, bad, or ugly! It is gone! It is rolled up in yesterdays newspaper, and loaded aboard the garbage truck! Turn loose of yesterday, live today, and dream of tomorrow! The only thing we get from the past is lessons! Most of those lessons came in the form of mistakes! So as you turn loose of yesterday, hold on to the lessons! Not only the lessons of your mistakes, but of mine, and everyone you know! Keep the lessons of everyones mistakes, because you do not have time to make them all yourself!

Save all the lessons, but let yesterday go! Do not spend this perfectly good day that lies before you, chasing the garbage truck!



Posted by pir8fan Aug 27, 2011

.... just messaged me! She survived the storm! She has no power, and they are using a generator! She has no internet service at this point, and is using her cell phone! I just wanted to update you! Lets pray that all of our family is safe and sound!


I think I understand!

Posted by pir8fan Aug 26, 2011

Take everything I say with the appropriate size grains of salt! I want everyone in the NorthEast corridor of this country to lay in the proper supplies and be prepared for a major storm! I want everyone to conduct themselves in a safe manor! However, this is not Katrina! This is some wind and water! It is a huge storm! But it is just a big storm! This storm currently has winds of 100 mph! Katrina was 160 mph! Do not panic! If you are worried move inland now! Be smart, and be safe! The most dangerous area is the Outter Banks of NC. If the eye comes up on the west side of the Island, they will be slammed from both side by the water! Elsewhere, I wonder if all the things that are being shut down for the storm may be more damaging than the storm itself!

It is my humble opinion that the media is welcoming any event that they can find to distract from the President golfing while the economy crashes! If I hear one more journalist call this "the perfect storm" I think I will puke! Sure, there will be flooding and power outages! But the hype is out of proportion!

Also, while you are watching this storm, you might want to glance way out in the Atlantic where a little thunderstorm came off the coast of Africa near the Cape Verde Islands about 4 days ago! This system is currently called L10! Lets hope that it gets some steering currents that turns it Northeast. This one could be the BIG one!

Safety first my Friends! Stay away from down powerlines! Be sure to have gas or charcoal for cooking!! And fiil your bathtub! You may need the water to make you toilet flush! Be in touch when you can! Give someone here your phone number! God Bless You!

BTW! If you have any cigarettes......... leave them outside!



Posted by pir8fan Aug 24, 2011

Today I am celebrating with my friends 600 Days of Tobacco/Nicotine Free living! As I look around the site I see many who are carring heavy burdens! There seems to be a lot of questions and almost a desperation to the tone of so many! I am remembering a time that seemed so much like that to me! I wrote a blog 506 Days ago that spoke to that, and helped me regain perspective! I am going to repost that blog today in the hopes that someone will find a bit of inspiration in it! Thank you to all of you who are on the Freedom Train helping me celebrate my 600 Days today! If for some reason you are not riding with us (@ Marcies blog) you are missing the Train!

Penny for your thoughts!!

April 5, 2010 by pir8fan Comments (17)

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Good Smoke free afternoon everyone!! Thanks to all of you for helping me reach day 95!!!


Last night about 11:30 I went out to walk my dog. His name is Max! It was a nice warm Southwest Florida night. As we were ambling along, in the glare of a street light , I spotted a penny. There was a time in my life when I would have just left it there. But, I picked it up and put it in my pocket. This morning Max woke me up and told me it was time for his morning walk. I told him I would like to sleep a little longer. He explained what he was going to do to the carpet if I didn't get up. He won. I got up and we went for a long walk. As we were walking along I spotted another penny and again I picked it up and put it in my pocket. Not two minutes latter I found another penny. Now there is a little voice in the back of my head saying "what's up with all the pennies". I spent a few minute reflecting on that question. Those of you who know a little bit about me know that I am at the lowest point of my life. Physically, Financially, and on top of that I am giving up smoking. I came to two conclusions about the pennies.


1. I am looking down way to much!!! I need to hold my head back up high,so that I can see my way out of my problems!!!!


2. When you look close at a penny there is a message of hope on there. It says "IN GOD WE TRUST" ! Now I really have no idea how those pennies came to be where I could find them. But I have no intention of ignoring their message. When we have more on our plates than we can handle, there is a place to look!!!


There are my thoughts! What are you thinking?




Edit Delete


Here is my dilemma!

Posted by pir8fan Aug 23, 2011

Many of you know that last month I went to San Francisco to take part in my daughters wedding! What most do not know is that while there I had the opportunity to encounter the California Highway Patrol! I was not surprised to learn that in a state dominated by a political party that puts Liberty and Freedom way behind State Control of everybody and everything, they take driving without a seatbelt, as a much more serious crime than say, being in the country without proper documentation! I was not even surprised to find that, in a state that tends to think that all of your money and property belongs to them, the CHIP's officer could not tell me what the fine was for such a violation! She was reasonably polite though! And somewhat cute! Her rather slight frame did make me wonder about her ability to subdue a grown man intent on getting away! I am sure, in California, they will not let you shoot a suspect! Unless he says something ugly about Nancy Pelosi! But I ramble! Back to the dilemma!

Today I received a letter from the Hayward Hall of Justice! They informed me that I could settle this matter for the mere sum of $160.00! Remember there was no accident. There was on damage or injuries! And no animals were harmed in the enactment of this crime!

The Hayward Hall Of Justice then attempted to blackmail me! They said that if I would return to California and pay $214.00 in bail(?) and attend traffic school they would keep this whole thing confidential! The traffic school is a private company and charges a fee as well! So what they offer is, If I pay $374.00, and the fee to attend traffic school, they will withhold the information that I have commited this horrific crime from my insurance company! Thereby, they are attempting to extort money from me, in exchange for cheating my insurance company out of the premiums that may be due to them, should they discover my criminal act! Welcome to California!

Now, I am going to pay my fine! But, I am not going to take part in their extortion racket! The big question that remains is, how I will pay this fine! It seems that they will take my personal check! Or they will accept my payment by credit card! Now I am dealing with a state that were it an independent country would have the 9th largest economy in the world! Some say the 7th largest! Now this state has taken all that it can from it's own citizens, and squandered it on programs that are of no benefit to the citizens of the state! They have bankrupted themselves! They have attempted extortion on me! Now they want my credit card number, or my checking account number?

I think I will send a money order!   Either way I am not going to smoke over it!

My name is Tommy Piver and I don't think you should smoke over it either!


Freedom Train 08/19/11

Posted by pir8fan Aug 19, 2011

Good morning fellow Exer's! It has been a while since I sat in the cab of the Freedom Train! I want to thank the Ladies that have done such a fantastic job of recognizing those of you who have had recent milestones! Maggie, LindaN, And Marcie! In spite of pain and other issues, Maggie has worked tirelessly! Marcie has been swallowed up by her recent move, yet still finds time to help us keep the Train on the tracks! LindaN! I want to remind everyone to keep the prayers coming for Linda and her God daughter Angelina!

The Freedom Train has but one Stop to make today! We are in Arkansas! James! Yo James! Come on out here my friend! There is a Train here to pick you up! You have 600 Days of Freedom behind you, and we will not let you celebrate without us! For those who are fairly new, James has long been known here as the "Happy Quitter"! He has brought many new to quitters to the realization that you can be happy in your quit! There is no way to count the lives he has touched, and the people who's quits he has saved with that simple message! James, 600 Days is awesome! Get on this Train! There is going to be a party, and it has your name on it!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the Evils of tobacco and smoking!!




Training Issues!

Posted by pir8fan Aug 16, 2011

Good afternoon all! Let me start by telling you all that I am extremely proud of the The Freedom Train! Many of you have been riding with me from the very start! The Freedom Train began as a vehice to bring people together to celebrate their milestones, and those of their friends! It was intended to give motivation to all, to keep their quits going, so they too could be honored on the Train! My plan was for the Train to honor 100 Day quits, and multiples thereof, and 1 Year quits, and multiples thereof! And anyone, that someone sent me a message about, or that I saw, that might need some extra motivation! I soon added 50 days, and multiples! When I was keeping up with 80 - 100 people, it was fairly easy, and fun!! And the Train grew, and grew in popularity! As you all know by now it outgrew my ability! No longer could I keep up with handwritten sheets, and basic math skills! The new era of the Freedom Train began!

In order to keep up, Maggie, LindaN and Marcie agreed to come aboard and lend their efforts to keep the Train running! They are doing a great job, and I can not thank them enough! We also graduated from the hardware of my ballpoint pens, to software that keeps up with our dates! The Freedom Train is now tracking the milestones of well over 1000 EXer's! I believe that we are doing a great job of tracking the ones who have a multiple of 100, or of one year! However, the software is not good at letting us know when someone has a multiple of 50! That explains how some of our very best have been missed lately!

Therefore, We will be backing up a little bit in our scheduled celebrations! You may expect to be honored on the Fredom Train at the following milestones:

Your first 50 Days!

Your 100 Days and multiples!

Your 1 Year and multiples!

This is as good as we can do with our current software! If someone out there has, or can produce software that can do a better job for us, please let me know! As always if you have an event coming up, or you know of a situation that someone is facing, and they need a special ride on the Freedom Train, please let us know! We are here to provide the motivation, and the celebration to all who yearn to breathe free!

A BIG Thank You to all of you who have made the Train what it is today! and remember: "IF YOU ARE NOT RIDING WITH US, YOU ARE MISSING THE TRAIN!"                                      Tommy

I am going to step on some toes, and probably hurt some feelings! The fact that I am writting this does not mean that I do not love you! It just means that I disagree! You have every right to put your opinions out there! And so do I!

I keep hearing about Big Tobaccco! I can not find that company! I keep hearing about Big Pharma! I can not find that one either! There are some tobacco companies! And they are pretty big! However they are perfectly legit companies that sell a product that is absolutely legal! Where they invest their profits are legit as well! I see people all the time attacking these businesses! I know "They made their products more addicting"! True, but that is on the same level as a resturant making their food taste better! Do you want to attack that! "They have stock in the hospitals"! Good business decission! Because if people continue to use their products they will need hospitals! Hospitals need solid financial backers! I thank those companies that offer their support! "They were marketing to me as child"! Where were your parents? Did you, at any age, stick a cigarette in you mouth and think "This is a good thing to do!" Really? Really? "They are marketing to my children and/or grandchildren!" Then be a parent or grandparent! Teach what you have learned!

Our smoking, and consequential addiction to nicotine was our own doing! Stand up and take "Personal Responsibility"! We are victims of nothing more that our own piss poor decisions! For the most part I am sure that no one has ever held you down and made you smoke! You did it! In spite of what you may have been lead to believe, there are consequences to your actions! People used to know that! The Earl Warren Supreme Court did away with that understanding when they turned our judicial system from one of crime and punishmet to one of rehabilitating those poor criminals that were victims of society! They told them that they were not responsible! They took away the consequences! No matter the legislation, in our own personal lives there are consequences! The consequences of smoking is the addiction to nicotine! Lets stop trying to lay blame at the feet of someone else! Let us take "Personal Responsibility" for what we have done to ourselves! Let us also take "Personal Responsibility" for breaking our addiction! We have done that for ourselves as well! Be proud of that! You have educated yourself about this addiction! Share your knowledge with those who may also become addicted. Share your knowledge with those who may also have a chance to taste the FREEDOM that you have everyday! We are good people! We were good people when we were smoking! We were just addicted! Now we know about the addiction! Accept the consequences of your actions! We have wonderful people here who are suffering great agony and tragedy in their personal lives because of smoking! They are the very first to admit that it was their fault! Do not dishonor their efforts to help others by blaming your addiction on some picture on a billboard!

My name is Tommy and this message was brought to you on The Freedom Train! "IF YOU ARE NOT RIDING WITH US, YOU ARE MISSING THE TRAIN!"

Good morning fellow EXer's! It is the week-end! If you plan to party or go out to events, remember to protect your quit! Understand where your triggers are! Have a plan to deal with craves or other attacks by the nicodemon! Choose to live Free!

I am seeing a lot of people blowing off steam at Big Tobacco!(What is the address for that group?) Also comments About NRT's and other businesses associated with smoking! Caution! Caution! Do not get caught up in some blame game! These people did not make you smoke! We smoked because we made the decission to smoke! Let us all remember that if we are going to be Free, we must take responsibility for our own actions! Not only those in the past, but those in the future! We need no scapegoat! We need to take Personal Responsibility for our own poor decissions! Stay steedfast in you commitment! Keep your Focus!! Never Lose your Determination!

The first stop for the Freedom Train today is in Costal Georgia! Jawidge (George) has 350 Smoke Free Days behind him! It is most likely that our resident wordsmith is out somewhere running! Take a break George! Stop trying to outrun the Train! Climb aboard and celebrate with us! You are a huge voice here and we await you nEXt words! Beside there are a bunch of Ladies here who are wanting to dance with you!

The next stop for the Freedom Train this morning is in Houston, Texas! We are here to get Froguelady(Betty)! Betty wake up and get out here! There is a Train out here! I know that you heard the whistle! We are here to celebrate your first 150 Days of Freedom! I can only assume you in there slipping into your prettiest party dress! Grab those two-stepping boots also! We have a full day of celebration on the Freedom Train today! I am expecting you to have that first dance with me!! 150 Days WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO!

The next stop is a make-up call! We are headed to Wisconsin! Holy recordkeeping error Batman! We missed Jokerpajamas(John)'s 50 Days yesterday! Sorry John! We heve a lot of folks to keep up with and we are human! Please do not let that detract from the celebration you should have had yesterday! The only consolation I can offer is that Saturday is a great party day! So, please, come aboard the Freedom Train today as we celebrate your 51 Days of Freedom! There is a party about to start and you are one of the guest of honor!!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the Evils of tobacco and smoking!!




My friend is here!

Posted by pir8fan Aug 11, 2011

Hey everybody! A young lady that I work with a Sears joined us yesterday! She wrote a blog that is about 8 pages back! Her screen name is Nzeeza!! Please make her feel welcome! Her quit date was 02/21/11 Maggie!


The Freedom Train! 08/11/11

Posted by pir8fan Aug 11, 2011

Good Morning Fellow Exer's! Please come and join us as the Freedom Train make it's daily run to Freedom from tobacco! EVERYONE IS WELCOME! Come, and help your fellow Exer's celebrate their milestones! Then they will surely be here to help you celebrate yours! The price of a ticket is the desire to breathe Free! Bring all your extra baggage! There is no baggage fee, and we will help you sort it out!

Today the Freedom Train makes it's first stop right up the road from the railyard here in Florida! Jonilou! Jonilou! Get up Girl! there is a Train out here to get you! Jonilou(Joni) has 150 Smoke Free Days today! Joni's page gives us that great George Carlin quote! "Just because you got the monkey off you back, does not mean that the circus has left town"! This is reality! Her recent blogs have shown a great understanding of her quit and a desire to share that! Thank you for being part of this community! Come and celebrate today Joni! You can look out the window of the Train just like the window on your page! But it is more fun to look to your friends! We are here to celebrate with you!

The Freedom Train is now on the way to the airport to meet the Freedom Plane! The plane is on the way from Hawaii! it is bringing out dear Friend Louise! My notes are showing that Louise has 150 Days today as well! I am sorry to say that I can not tell you much about Louise! I do know that she is a valuable part of our community! She shows up with very timely comment on all of ouur blogs! Louise, come and celebre your milestone with us today!

It is the day that Triomommy has been looking for! The Train is coming to get you Honey! Yep, that is Western Maine that you see out the windows of the Train! Our Friend Triomommy is reaching that 50 Day milestone today! Even though she is having a lot of smoking dreams, she has started to grow a backbone where her wishbone used to be! I told her that dreams do not always come true. If you do not believe me just ask Martina McBride if she even knows who I am! 50 Days I am proud of you girl!

The next stop is to pick-up Flipdave! In spite of a number of issues(including pissing me off first thing when he got here) Flipdave has fought off the temptation and reached the 50 Day milestone! Come aboard the Freedom Train and celebrate your milestone with us! Now let's get this party rolling!

BTW! Twill1974 was asking where her parade was, and Maggie gave her one! The big celebration is on this Train every single day! So I am taking the Train by to pick her up! Twill1974 get on board and celebrate with us! EVERYDAY!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the Evils of tobacco and smoking!!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!                      Tommy


What Is Your Dream?

Posted by pir8fan Aug 8, 2011

Welcome to BecomeanEX! What is your Dream?

Why are you here? Odds are you came here with a Dream of being Smoke Free! Maybe you came not knowing if that Dream can come true, or not! I am here today, with 584 Days behind me, to tell you that, this is a Dream that you can make come true! Sure you have your doubts! Everyone does, or did at some point! But look around you! Look no further than the Freedom Train! Two days ago Mike in @tlanta was riding with 2500 Days of Freedom behind him! Look at the blogs from everyday people just like you! They made their Dream come true by simply refusing to relinquish it! So, hold thightly to your Dream. Fight with whatever it takes to hold on! The Dream of Freedom is worth the fight!

There is no sadder eulogy than the one you must deliver at the death of your Dreams!                                      Tommy Piver(circa 5 minutes ago)

Good morning fellow Exer's! I am sure that a lot of you are happy to notice that it is.............. Friday! I hope you can all look back on another great Smoke Free week!

On the 8th day of my quit I found this site! That was 573 days ago! I was member # 189751! Today we have more that 2 and a half time that number! I came to recognize here a phenomenon that I eventually termed "Collateral Kindness"! It is the concept of helping ourselves by helping others! Now that we have so many more people in our community, the need for this mentality to prevail becomes even more important! I realize that, for most of us, the early days of a quit are "All about me"! And that is OK! But as we mature in our quits, if we are not reaching out to help the next struggling person escape the pits of addiction, we are not doing all that we can to help ourselves! So as you go about you day today, remember "Collateral Kindness"! Helping yourself by helping others! What a way to quit! What a way to live!!

EDITED! I would like to take a moment to apologize for not knowing much about our friend Sharon in Connectiut! What I do know, now, is that she has 3 Full Years of Smoke Free living behind her! Please come aboard the Freedom Train and celebrate you milestone with us Sharon! Theree Years! Fantastic!!

The next! stop for the Freedom Train this morning is in Indiana! We are here to pick up Ocd1. Most of us call him Dan! Today our friend is celebrating his 150th Smoke Free Day! Dan is also 3 years out from cancer! Both are important numbers! Dan has used his great sense of humor(as so many have before him) to get through some very tough stuff in his life! So Dan come aboard this Train! Help us laugh, and enjoy the Freedom that this Train symbolizes! 150 Days! Back home we call that a damn good start! BTW! If you have a party dress, please do not bring it today!

Jamie!(Abbra)   Jamie! There is a Train out here looking for you! You have 50 Days behind you! The Train has made the trek to Maine to pick you up! From what I am hearing you could use a pick-me-up! Although you have a huge group of people, who came from nowhere, to show you some love! I am sure you appreciate the support that you get from the people here! Not only for your quit, but for everything in your life! It is indeed all tied together! So, today put any negative thoughts on the back burner. Come and celebrate your first 50 Days of Freedom with those here that care about you! 50 Days! You first milestone on the Freedom Train! There is a party bout to break out!

We are now going to pick up another quitter with 50 Smoke Free Days behind her! Mynchome! Now this young Lady has maintained a lot of privacy! At this point she has not divulged her name or where she lives! However the magic of the Freedom Train is going to try to find her! We are going to start the search in North Carolina! We will loook for her NC HOME! Good idea, right? OK, Mynchome! Come on out here and get on this Train! There is a party starting and you are one of the guest of honor! Come ride with us as we celebrate your great milestone!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the Evils of tobacco and smoking!!




The Freedom Train! 08/04/11

Posted by pir8fan Aug 4, 2011

Good morning fellow Exer's! It feels good to be back at the controls of the Freedom Train this morning as we make our daily run to Freedom from tobacco! If you are new here, do not be shy!(like me) Jump right in with your comments and concerns as we celebrate the milestones of those in our community who have made the total commitment to be Free! I have to confess that since the Freedom Train has aquired the services of three wonderful Ladies(Maggie, LindaN, and Marcie), we have expanded the number opf people we are keeping track of by threefold! So I am ashamed to say that I do not have nearly as much personal knowledge about all the people we are celebrating! So, if I do not know much to say about you, it is not because I don't care! It is just that for whatever reason, I dont know you yet!

The first stop for the Train this morning is for just such a person! Hman_53. Come aboard the Freedom Train and celebrate! You have 600 Smoke Free Days behind you!Your profile say you feel the need to communicate with other quitters! We are here, and welcome you aboard the Freedom Train! Please do not go another 494 day between blogs!

Next we are picking up two of our family members that I think we are all more familiar with! Chell and Zenagrin(Zena)! Both of these lovely Ladies have 200 Days behind them! I see that Chell has written a blog today, and I know you are on day 201! Remember the Train is set up to honor you when you have the milestone behind you! So as you are living day 201, we celebrate the fact that you have 200 Days completed! Zena, where have you been Honey! We all miss you and your humor and wisdom here! Come back and spend some time with us as soon as you can! Congrats to both of you on the first 200 Days of your New and Improved Smoke Free Life!

The next stop to pick-up a fellow Exer's with 150 Smoke Free Days behind him! Pockets(Eric) who is the Mister to MrsKatieK. Eric trails his lovely bride by 38 Days or so! But the important thing is they have both broken their addiction! Congrats to you Eric.  Tell Katie we all said "Hey"! You guys come and see us when you can! We miss you!

What is that I hear? Is that the the doors to The Triple Digit Club I hear! Why yes it is! IZZY! Yes they are opening for you Izzy! Look everybody Izzy is boarding that Train! She has 100 Smoke Free Days behind her and IZ headed for a special seat in the The Triple Digit Club! Way to go Izzy! 100 Days! Be proud of yourself Sweetie! We are proud of you! Now let's get this party started!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the Evils of tobacco and smoking!!




The Present!

Posted by pir8fan Aug 3, 2011

I am sure most of you have heard this before, but it bears repeating!!!

Yesterday is history!

Tomorrow is a mystery!

Today is a gift!!

That is why it is called the present!!

Enjoy the present! Live in the moment! DON"T SMOKE!!



I Beg Of You!!

Posted by pir8fan Aug 3, 2011

I am here this morning with some very disturbing news! I am once again asking you all to offer up you most fervent prayers. Our Dear Sweet Friend Cindy(Determined in the Dakotas) Has recieved word that her sister(Sandy) Has been diagnosed with Leukemia. Test results show that it is a very aggressive type. The treatment will also be very aggressive! So many times in the past I have watched miricales happen when we raise our collective voices in prayer! I am asking all to come together, with me, and ask the Lord to have mercy on this young Lady! Let us also pray for our sweet Cindy to have the strength to face the future, that is a part of this disease! I thank you all in advance for your prayers!          Tommy

Good morning fellow Exer's! I will leave my pontification for another day! Today is Maggie's One Year!

Congrats my dear Friend! Maggie walked away from her addiction One Year ago today! Of at least equal importance she found this community! Maggie came, and took the lessons here to heart! At first she was, like many, a little shy and very careful about what she said! Thankfully, she found her voice and came out of her shell! Many of you know the wonderful work that she has done to keep this Freedom Train rolling! But I think even more of you know Maggie as one of the "First Responders"! Maggie is one of the people who finds you, when you are just finding the site, and have no idea what to do next! There are so many people here today, and still smoke Free, because Maggie was there to let them know that we care! I have said before and I will say again, "No one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care!" Maggie has been there to let so many know that we care! Now it is Time for us to come aboard the Freedom Train and let Maggie know how much we care! Congrats Honey, on the first Full Year of your New and Improved Smoke Free Life! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

The next stop for the train today is in Sascat Saskatchu Saskutche Canada! We are going to pick-up Bobbiesue! Bobbiesue's clock will turn to 300 Days today! I hope she is ready to party! This is no day to relax at the cabin in the woods! We are celebrating big time today, and you are a big part of that Bobbiesue! So grab that party dress sweetie, the Train is here! Sascatchewan! Got it!

BJ, Looks like we are late! Your clock says 201 Days! I was sure that today was 200, but I have been wrong before! I am sorry that we missed you yesterday! Please come and party with us today! It is going to be a BIG party! Congrats on your first 201 Smoke Free Days!!

Now we headed to pick up not one but Two of our resident quitters who will be celebrating 150 Days today! First in Mississippi! Miss Cogs! Come on out here and get on this Train! There is a party bustin' loose and you are part of the reason for it! 150 Days! Also, staying in the M states, Maryland! Mel.lane20, you also have 150 Smoke Free Days! Come and share in the celebration of Freedom that is happening aboard this Train today!

The doors to The Triple Digit Club are now opening! Theslcrane is about to walk through them. Yes, one of the most important milestones of them all! 100 Smoke Free Days! Theslcrane, welcome to the Club! Be as proud of yourself as we are of you! Who knows? Maybe Phillip Rivers will show up on the Train today!

Tamarale Has 50 Days today! We all understand if she is not here today! But please take a moment to acknowledge her, and her quit as well! Love you Tamarale! And we are here for you!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the Evils of tobacco and smoking!!




I see some of you struggling!

Posted by pir8fan Jul 31, 2011

Remember you lifelines!

#1. Ask The Audience! Come here and tell us that you are in danger and why! Wait 15 minutes for us to respond! Give us that opportunity to help you! That is why we are here!

#2. Phone A Friend! Befriend someone here that you feel you can trust! Exchange phone numbers with that person! If you are in a situation that you can not handle on your own, call that person!

#3. 50/50! Make two list! The first list should be all the reasons you should not smoke! The second list should be all the reasons you should smoke! Now take the second list and mark out alll the "Excuses" to smoke! Excuses and reasons are two very different things! If there is anything left on the second list let me know! Keep your first list handy. Read it if any of the "excuses" try to steal your quit!

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