Freedom Train Wraps Up April!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Apr 30, 2011

Good morning fellow Exer's! As the Freedom Train makes it final run to Freedom for the month of April, we hold our collective breaths for our members who were is the path of destruction caused by the storm systems we have been witness to in the past few days! There are a lot of people we have not heard from yet! I offer a silent prayer for all of them, and their families and loved ones!

The Freedom Train Starts off this Saturday by going to pick up Sheryl! 900 Days ago while most of us were headed over to the store to buy our next pack of creeping death and destruction, Sheryl was saying NO MORE! She decided to be one of the people who say: "I Don't Do That Anymore"! And she has not done it anymore! Congrats Sheryl! Your first 900 Days are in the rearview mirror! The next step is the Quad Squad! Welcome aboard the Freedom Train!

From Sheryls house we headed to central Wisconsin! Here we are picking up Catlady! Our great frind here has completed the first 200 Days of her Smoke Free Life! Two Hunderd Days is a great milestone! I hope you are done with all the snow and cold for the winter/spring! Go out and do something special for yourself today! It is a time to celebrate!! Come aboard the Freedom Train! Today we honor you!

Next stop is for Terrib! Good morning Sweet Lady! there is a train out here waiting for you today! We know that you have 150 Smoke Free Days behind you! That gets you a reserved seat on the Freedom Train! So grab your prettiest party dress and you favorie dancin' shoes and come get on this Train! It is party time for Terrib!

We are now on our way to pick up Kelly((KS100207)!! Yes that is Ohio you see out your window! Kelly has 100 Days behind her! Yep! You got it! Triple Digit Club! Welcome Kelly! Watch as those doors swing wide open to the club! You are our newest member and we are happy to have you here! Come and party with us today! This is a great milestone and you deserve the best! Be good to you today! Now, lets get Rolling!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the Evils tobacco and smoking!!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!                 Tommy