Freedom Train Has a Huge Crowd of Celebrants Today

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Apr 28, 2011

Good morning fellow Exer's! We have a huge number of milestones today! So lets get right to it this morning! The Train will be running south to north to south again! We start this morning in the state of Georgia! Our first stop is to pick up Mikein@tlanta! Seems to be a matter of 2400 Days to celebrate! Yes, I did say Two Thousand Four Hundred! I remember when I had 100 days and that was a great feeling! Imagine multipling that by 24!! What a milestone! Thank you for helping lay the tracks that the Freedom Train runs on! Come and party with us today Mike! Awesome!

Before we leave Atlanta, due to a weakness on the part of the engineer, we are waiting for the Freedom Limo to return! I sent it over to the Varsity to pick up a bag full of chilli dogs and a large F.O.

Now let us get this Train up to Michigan! Sandee! Sandee! You have not had a cigarette in what? Oh, Yeah! I remember! 3 Years! I do not remember what I was doing Three Years ago! But I know what Sandee was doing! She was going through the first Smoke Free day that would lead to 1095 so far! Absolutely awesome, Sweet Lady! The Freedom Train salutes you and applauds all that you do here! You have helped make this site a place where Freedom from tobacco can be found! You matter!

The next stop for the Train today is back down south in Durham, NC! Carenda! Do you hear that whistle? Are you ready for a ride? Didn't you know that when you have 650 Smoke Free days that the Train come after you? That is right 650 days for Carenda! Carenda has been here every day of my quit. Her messages of encouragement and Promise give great comfort to all who will listen! Thank you for being here my Friend! And thank you for always remembering me!

Now we go back south to Texas! We are stopping here for Vickye! Get out here and get on this Train Honey! You have 200 Smoke Free days to celebrate! Get on that party dress! You have some celebrating to do! Vickye came out into our community, after lurking for the first 137 days of her quit! She is a classic example of the way we help people here that we do not even know are watching! Thank you Vickye, for reminding us to temper our comments because we do not know who is reading them! Let us first do no harm! Are you ready to party?

The next stop for the Freedom Train, also in Texas, is for Jamieburton66! Did you think I had forgotten you Sweetie! Not a chance! Jamie has a very important 100 Smoke Free Days behind her today! Why do I say VERY Important, you ask? It is because in June, Jamie is about to present her husband Frank with a new baby girl! Congrats to this fine couple! Way to go Jamie! We are happy that you are giving your new daughter a Smoke Free Mom! So, put on the Maternity Party Dress and come celebrate with us today! The Freedom Train is proud to have you aboard! Now it is PARTY TIME!!!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the EVILS of tobacco and smoking!!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!                         Tommy