Freedom Train On a Roll!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Apr 26, 2011

Good morning fellow Exer's! There were some very good blogs and responses yesterday! Lets keep all the positive energy flowing! In case you missed it Sandy(keptpromise) started an initiative to revitalize the group "Relapse Traps"! This group was started a long time ago by our dear sweet Giulia! Somewhere along the way it seems to have fallen through the cracks! It is great news that it is being rescued! This group has a wealth of information to help people prepare for the pitfalls they will encounter on the road to Freedom! If you have not been there Go and visit! You can access it from Sandy's page! Lets help make this resource known to all that can benefit from it! Personally, I also hope it will lure Giulia "out of her cave", and encourage her to be more active here, in our daily pursuit of Freedom for all! Kudos to you Sandy! You have so much to offer here, and we are glad that you are taking on this challenge! Let us know how we can help!

Now it seems we have a train trip to make! Chell? Chell? We are here in the Missouri lookin for you! I know that yesterday was your 100th day! Today you have 100 days completed and and that make you our newest inductee into The Triple Digit Club!!! Take time today to put aside your medical issues, and come out into open with the rest of us!! Board this Train! I also happen to know that you are a big fan of Garfield! Now, while I can make no promises, I have heard a rumor that he may make an apperance on the Freedom Train today! Congratulations Chell! You have reached a great milestone! Do something special for yourself today!

There are a couple of other folks that I want to give a shout out to! Keeptrying! Our last contact with you was 106 days ago! One school of thought would be that you have relapsed! Maybe you have! But there is a feeling, that lives in me, that says that is not true! So if you are still out there, and still Smoke Free, I would like to acknowledge that you quit 300 days ago! If you have relapsed,and you see this, Please come back home! We will continue to leave the porch light on, every night!

Growing Pains! You are not forgotten Girl! The last I heard, you were going to be without internet for a while! I hope you are enjoying life! You are 100 Days Smoke Free and much more healthy! That porch light is burning for you as well! We will be glad when you come home also! That being said, we should be having a party about now!!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the evils of tobacco, and smoking!!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!                 Tommy