Freedom Train On Easter Sunday!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Apr 24, 2011

Good Morning fellow Exer's! It is Easter Sunday! No matter what your beliefs are, today is a day to acknowledge that things can change! You can change! You do not have to be the person you have been! You can walk away from the addiction that brought us all together here! The theme of Easter is forgiveness! So today make a real, and consious effort to forgive yourself for becoming addicted! Give yourself permission to be happy about your life!

This morning the Freedom Train is stopping to pick-up one of the most spiritual among us! How appropriate that today would be a day of celebration for Thomas! We all know the wonderful spirit and the caring heart that Thomas brings to our community! Today the Freedom Train recognizes that Thomas has reached the 400 day milestone! Word on the street is that Thomas is a bit under the weather today! So, Come aboard if you are up to it Thomas! Otherwise we will celebrate for you, while sending our prayers for a speedy recovery for you! 400 Days! You Rock!!!

The next stop for the Freedom Train is an international one! We are going to Canada to get Bobbiesue! I would tell you that she is in Saskatchewan, but what are the odds that I can spell that right? Our friend Bobbiesue has 200 Smoke Free Days behind her! I hear that she likes to travel so maybe a Train ride will really appeal to her! I know that she also loves to spend time at her cabin at the lake, so that may be where we will find her! Bobbiesue!! Come and celebrate with us! The Freedom Train is running for you!!

From Canada it is full speed ahead to Grapevine Texas! Patty! Patty! Get ready honey! The Freedom Train is coming after you! There is a little matter of 150 days that needs to be celebrated! So, prepare to board this train! I think I can hear som Texas-Two-Step music! Don't forget your dancin' shoes boots! We are proud of you!

Steaming out of Texas we are doing a make up stop! No ladies this has nothing to do with cosmetics! This is a stop in Columbia MO, to pick up JohnBotkins! It seems that in our rush to Freedom yesterday we blew right by John and failed to acknowledge his first 50 days of Freedom from the evils of Tobacco! John I can only say that I am sorry! We do appreciate you and extend a heartfelt congratulations on your first 51 days of Freedom! Now lets PARTY!