Freedom Train Loading up Today! Aunt Dee, Kat, Lei, and make up trip for Nocigs!!!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Apr 21, 2011

 Good morning fellow Exer's! What a great day to be Free! Spring has sprung, and life is real, and re-newed! There are a lot of great people here today, and if you are at a milestone that is great! If it is not a milestone day for you, it is still another day of Freedom, and another day in which to excel! Welcome to the celebration of Freedon that is the Freedom Train!

We have lot to cover this morning, but first, unfinished business from yesterday! Nocigs! There is a Freedom Limo waiting outside to bring you to the Train in style! I missed your 100 day celebration yesterday, and I am very sorry! I think most of you know Nocigs(Peggy), but in case you don't let me introduce her! Peggy lives in Wisconsin! According to her husband she is a great cook! She also does horse sitting! I am not sure if that means she sits on horses, or she takes care of them while their parents go out! Peggy! That name sound familiar. Horses! Seems like a connection! Of course I know that Ckoalaco(Peggy) works with horses as well! In fact I work with a number of horses myself! Or at least the back half of them! Two great Peggy's at the same sight! Anyway,Welcome to The Triple Digit Club Sweetie! Grab your best party dress and come and celebrate day 101 with us!

Aunt Dee! Aunt Dee! Are you hearing that Train whistle Honey! There is a celebration about to start and a Lady with 400 Smoke Free days is a guest of honor! So get up from that computer, where you are sending notes of inspiration to all of us,and come to the party! You are such a wonderful Lady and we are proud that you are a part of our community! So, may I have the first dance?

Kat! You should feel the ground shaking by now! the Freedom Train is on the way to your place! Did you think I was going to fail to notice that you have 200 days today? No way I am missing this one! I could lose my invite to the Oscars! What a wonderful addition you are to this site! We are better place because you are here! I am glad that you have recovered from the issues that brought you so much suffering! So, Kat, are you dressed for the party yet? If not we will wait! You have 200 days to celebrate and we are celebrating with you!

Lei! We are not forgetting you either! You are the newest inductee to The Triple Digit Club! 100 days is a fantastic milestone and we are here to recognize that! So jump on this Train and lets get this party rolling!

This Train is bound for another day of Freedom from tobacco!