Freedom Train Celebrates a Legend!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Apr 19, 2011

Good morning fellow Exer's! Once again today the Freedom Train will make it's daily run to Freedom from the evils of Tobacco! It is a great day to come aboard and celebrate some of the milestones of our Friends! So lets get right to it!

Legend! Legend! Do you hear that Train whistle? The Freedom Train is here to get you! That is what happens when you go 900 days without smoking! That is right! Our good Friend Christine(aka Legend) has 900 consecutive days that she forgot all about smoking! What a major milestone! You, my friend are only100 away from the Illusterious Quad Squad! Since 2008 you have given up the evils of smoking! You have posted educational videos. And there is a great memory game on your page!(Everyone go and play that!) You do great things for the folks here. You provided the inspiration for the Ray (ManOf Steele) Steele Memorial Bonfire! I hope that will become a regular event! We appreciate you, and applaud your accomplishment today! Thank you Christine for sharing this journey with us!

But that is not all! The Train is now steaming full ahead to Eastern Montana! Cyn! Wake up Honey! there is a Train out here! Not just any Train! This is the Freedom Train, and it came here just to get you! Look at your quit clock! It is about to roll over to 100 days! Yeee Haw! That is a great milestone! 100 days smoke Free! You are kickin' butts! I know you love to hunt and fish, and there are sheep to care for! But today, let all that other stuff wait! Come and celebrate Freedom with us! We want to celebrate you! You have 100 Smoke Free days in the rear view mirror and a lifetime in front of you! Do something to make this day memorable! WTG Cyn!! Now lets get this party started!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM! Let us all escape the ties that have bound us to tobacco!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!                           Tommy