Freedom Train takes a Sunday Drive! Leeza 100, Gardenangels 50

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Apr 17, 2011

Good Morning fellow Exer's! This morning my heart is going out to my friends back home in North Carolina! If you are in that area, let us hear from you, please! SuzieQ and Carenda! I know this was your backyard.   This morning the Freedom Train looks forward to another Sunday run to Freedom from tobacco! These so often turn into some our best, light hearted celebrations! So let get to it!

This mornning the Freedom Train makes its first stop to pick up a Young Lady who list her home as No-Mans-Land! Leeza! Wake up and let us help you escape that place you dwell in! I know that you were probably not expecting the Freedom Train today, But I happen to know that you threw down those evil weeds 100 days ago! That my dear Leeza constitutes a milestone! And we are going to help you celebrate! Leeza comes here so often with her wit and wisdom! Today is the day we go to her and bring the celebration! Come and get aboard this Train Leeza the party is about to start!!

The next stop for the Freedom Train this morning is in the Garden State! We are going to find Gardenangels! I know that this Young Lady has had an awful lot going on in her life lately! Lisa! Lisa! Drop what ever you are doing! There is a Train here for you! It seems that 50 days ago you dropped what you were somking, and joined this journey too Freedom! 50 days qualifies as a milestone! So, take a day off! Climb into your best party clothes,(I still recall the Little Black Dress)and come celebrate with us! You are my friend and I am happy to see you on the Train! XOXOXX

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from tobacco! And we are on the way now!