Freedom Train Celebrates! Ed, LindaN,Rita, and Lanie

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Apr 14, 2011

Good Morning fellow Exer's! the Freedom Train has a really big day planned! I am going to need everyone to come aboard to help with this celebration! As we set out on our daily run to Freedom from the evils of tobacco, I want to welcome our old friend Ed(Exekex) back home! Ed has been roaming around Nashville and enjoying his smoke free life for 451 days now! I for one am glad to see him back! Ed has always brought a lot of good to this site, and we are a better place with him! The prodigal son has returned! Someone run and get the fatted calf!

Our first stop the morning is in the city of brotherly love! LindaN! I know that you are busy! I know you are packing to go vist a friend! But you need to stop long enough to come aboard and get your "props"!  In case you all were unaware, our dear Sweet Young Lady has 9 Smoke Free Months behind her today! We are so proud of you Linda! I hope you have great trip!! But we are sure going to miss you here! Travel safely and know that you are loved!

Hold on to your hats! the freedom Train is now headed South! To the deep South! We are going to Rita's house! Rita! Yo Rita! Do hear the Train whistle!? Do you feel the ground shaking? It is us! The Freedom Train is coming to get you! You have 200 Smoke Free days to celebrate! We are going to celebrate with you! So get into your prettiest party dress(I am thinking yellow) and get on this Train! In fact come on up front with me, and see what Freedom looks like from the engine of the Train! You have faced so much adversity with such dignity and class, all the while maintaining you quit! You, my dear sweet friend are a shinning example, and role model for all who come behind you! I am proud that you allow me to call you my Friend! Congrats on your first 200 days Honey!

Lanie! Get ready Sweetie the Train is headed for New York! I just happen to know that 100 days ago you decided that you were tired of being addicted! 100 days ago you were tired of spending money to make yourself cough and feel bad! So you decided to do something about it! And you did! You have made a committment and honored it for 100 consecutive days! So Lanie, grab you best party dress and get out those dancing shoes! The Freedom Train is celebrating you today! You are doing great! So lets get this party started!!!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from tobacco!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!                     Tommy