The Freedom Train Finally Gets Going!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Apr 12, 2011

Good Afternoon Fellow Exer's! I guess the first order of business would be to explain why the Train is running so late! The truth of the matter is I just did not get it done this morning! Sorry!

I spent a lot of time in the last few days visiting pages on the site and trying to identify where people are in their quits! I have to tell you that a lot of you do not make that easy! I spent a lot of time wearing out my fingers and toes trying to count how many days since your posted quit date! Having a clock would be much easier! Some of you do even list a quit date on your page! Then I am reading old blogs and trying to find clues! Be proud of your quits my friends! Let us know where you are!

In all my rambling I did not find even one person who fits the main criteria for being announced to your fellow Exer's on the train, today! For those of you who do not know, or have forgotten the main criteria it is: #1. People who have 100 days or a multiple thereof. #2 People who have year or multiple thereof. #3. Anyone else I feel like adding to the Conductors list! It is OK for you to ask me to add you on any special occassion! It is OK to ask me to add someone else who you would like to see honored! I am pretty easy! I love seeing the celebrations!

What I did discover is that yesterday, the Freedom Train failed to recognize two people that hit the Triple Digit Club! that is a great and memorable milestone and should be celebrated! First of all, my Dear friend Kim(on vacation). I am really sorry that I missed you yesterday! Come aboard the Train today if you will please. Let us help you celebrate 101 Smoke Free Days. You are doing great! Also Lonita! Our dear Lonita is a frequent Train rider! How I missed you I do not know. But come aboard and meet your same day quit buddy Kim! Yes, Lonita and Kim quit the same day and now they get to celebrate together as well! Way to go Ladies! 101 days of Freedom!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!                                 Tommy