Freedom Train! Irish Rose 300!!! Eddie 400!!!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Apr 6, 2011

Good morning fellow Exer's!! This morning the Freedom Train is breaking protocol! Normally we pick up the person with the most quit days first! This morning I would like to ask our friend Eddie to forgive me, but I am taking the Train to South Carolina first! I could lie and say if is about fuel economy, but the truth is that while I really do like Eddie, I love Irish Rose

Irish Rose, get out of that kayak and board this Train!!! Take off that life vest and board this lifeline! Get out of those shorts and into your prettiest party dress! Kick off those boat shoes and put on your dancin' shoes The Freedom Train is here to get you! Everybody get into party mode! Today we are going to help our Wild Irish Rose celebrate 300 days of Freedom! I remember the rocky start that you had here my dear friend! You have overcome so much and stayed true to your quit! You are a shinning example to all who follow the trail that you have blazed! Today the Freedom Train is honored to have you aboard! Let us all raise our glasses in a toast to our beautiful, and sweet smelling Irish Rose! You are a winner!

Sorry again Eddie! That is a tough act to follow! Not to very long ago we went up to Ohio and picked up our friend Eddie! It was 35 days ago actually! Because Eddie had a year! Now, basic math skills tell me that 365 +35 = 400! That is absolutely true! Our good friend Eddie has 400 days today. And still he moves forward without fanfare or drama! One day at a time Eddie sets the pace that we must all follow! I tried to resit the temptation to call him Steady Eddie, but I can not! That is what he is! One man doing this the way it shoud be done! Congratulations on the first 400 days of your Smoke Free life!

The Freedom Train would like to remind everyone to prepare for Friday night! In case you missed the announcement yesterday, Maggie will be hosting the first ManOfSteele Memorial Bonfire! Everyone please attend, and bring a friend that may be considering quitting! Do your homework! Figure out how many cigarettes you have not smoked since your quit began! We are going to burn them in a huge bonfire! There will be Food and Music, and Dancing! There will be guest apperance by many of our Super Exer's! So meet us in NO EXCUSEVILLE! the home of the legendary ManOfSteele! I would love to see a million cigarettes burned Friday night! BE THERE!!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!                                    Tommy