Freedom Train's Sunday Drive! Rick M, Quitter, Kat!!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Apr 3, 2011

Good Morning Fellow Exer's! I hope this is a beautiful Sunday morning where you are! This morning the Freedom Train is in Canton, Ohio! We are here two pick up Rick M! Come on out here Rick! The Freedom Train is here and we are going to help you celebrate 2 years of Smoke Free living! I am sure that most of you know Rick, even though a lot of his efforts here are, pretty much, behind the scenes! Thank you for all you do for the people who are here, and those we do not see! You are very special part of this community, and even though you stay very low key, the light that you bring shines in all of those that you have helped! Today we all raise a toast to you and your 2 years of Freedom! Great job Rick!

The next stop for the Freedom Train this morning is in Minnesota!(again) This time we are picking up Quitter! Good morning honey! The Train is here for you! 11 months into your comittment you are still going strong! You bring us joy! You show us how to stay on a steady, even keel as you sail your way to Freedom! Give up the sail for today. Come and ride the Train! Let us help you celebrate you first 11 months of Freedom! We are proud to have Quitter as a part of our family! And I am proud to call her my Friend!

The next stop this morning is in Connecticut! Kat! Yo Kat! We snuck up on you! Do you hear that car horn blowing? Car horn? Yep! We could not bring the Train into your neighborhood this morning because of all the UCONN parties! So I sent the Freedom Limo to get you! I hope you have on that party dress that you wore for the Oscars! Kat has 8 months Smoke Free today! In spite of some health issues that has caused her lots of pain, Kat has remained firm in her resolve! Way to go my Friend! You are kicking butts!

I also want to give a shout out to Breathe Free. Yesterday made 50 days for her. Because the Train was making a special run to reach out to some special people yesterday, I am a day late in recognizing her! You are special also sweetie! Come and ride with us today, as we celebrate your 51 Smoke Free days!

This train is bound for FREEDOM from the bonds of addiction!